Posted by: Prashanth Rajan | June 7, 2007

Chill out at CORNER HOUSE

Summer is here.. Want to beat the heat? Then why not chill out at Corner House, one of the Garden city Bangalore’s favorite ice cream parlors !! Last month, my bro took myself and my cousin to Corner House in Sheshadripuram, and man !! Did i love it or what… i just digged it!! It was really worth it and the variety of ice-creams that they have is simplyChocolate amazing.. The service is fast and quite good. The ambience is fine and you have to really try it if you are staying in Bangalore.. The prices are affordable and you needn’t shell out much money if you aren’t going there on an empty stomach.. Hey but once you have tried it, the next time you would be going there hungry so that you can have a feast there.

Now it seems that there is not much room for ice-creams in your stomach aEveryone loves ice cream!s the weather here in Bangalore is rather overcast… However it is worth a try and believe me you will not regret it..

There are quite a number of outlets in Bangalore and you can really have easy access to it either by looking it up on the net or use your yellow pages.. Don’t miss out on Bangalore’s favorite ice cream parlor!!!



  1. haa haa.. sun or rain… theres no stopping me visiting corner house….

    yea.. thr are hardly places whr u hav sooooooo many options.. and most of em are gud..

    it shud be mentiond tat the one near brigade road could do with a makeover… but.. tat doesnt deter customers frm flocking there (me included)…

  2. cooool!!

  3. well i dunno abt make-over but they’ve just opened another branch of cornerhouse on the road connecting mg road and that mayo hall bus stop….its tht narrow road to the side utility building….

  4. Hell of ur stretgy these stretegies are useless if u play random map with random civilizations.

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