Posted by: Prashanth Rajan | June 28, 2007

SIVAJI – Truly the boss indeed

No matter what great reviews people write about this movie, it still cannot do full justice to this great combination which is surely going to make the cash registers ringing non-stop. I have had the privilege to watch Sivaji last week and i thought this would be an ideal way to pay my tribute to Thalaivar. Shankar, well known for his movies with a strong social message is not different with this one. The big budgeted movie is going to rake in huge amounts of money and there is no doubt, apart from setting records. It is a must-watch for any person who would like to see a good movie.

Rajni as SivajiThe story is mainly revolves around black-money and how the protagonist reveals this and does good to his land. Rajni, the undisputed master of style brings 2 new styles with his coin-flipping and gum popping. The number of times he says the word ‘cool’ is simply amazing. All songs are really superb needless to say with the magic of Rahman. Editing by Anthony is amazing. The first half has a good dose of comedy and the Rajni-Vivek duo is simply amazing. The first half might have little to do with the main story but nevertheless it is far from boring. Raghuvaran plays an important role that of a doctor. Shankar has tried not to overplay the image of the superstar and it has come out very well. All the stunts are executed very well and effective use of strings have been done unlike other tamil movies where heroes fly in air without proper physics. The no of hair styles that Rajni sports are simply astounding and the parts where he imitates MGR, Sivaji Ganesan and Kamal Hassan are worth mentioning. The film does not drag as one might have a fear. The villain’s role(Adiseshan) is played by a popular telugu actor Suman who has not overplayed his role. ‘Bose’ Venkat as his aide is good. The song Oru Kudai sunlight where Rajni appears white is yet another technological milestone in Indian cinema. The film has over 20 minutes of shooting at MSRIT, Bangalore and the climax has been shot there as well.
Sivaji might as well go down as one of the greatest movies ever made on indian soil and might as well be a feather in the cap for Rajni, Shankar and the others. Breaking all milestones and records not withstanding, one question still remains unanswered put by former Andhra Pradesh CM Mr.Chandrababu Naidu. The effect that it will have on indian society is still questionable. Vivek as Sivaji’s uncleSurely Shankar has brought forward a very existent corruption in Indian democracy through Sivaji, but will be conceived by people as another Rajni-entertainer or a film with a strong social message? That perhaps reamins to be seen. IT raids on popular celebrities and former politicians have not been new, but what if the chief ministers of some states themselves have black money. The impact that this movie remains to be seen, nevertheless lets not forget the impact made by an earlier tamil movie Kannathil Muthamittal, a movie about the condition of Tamils in Sri lanka which initiated a dialogue between the Sri Lanka and India.

The range of this movie has certainly reached new heights, being the first tamil movie to be released in Britain. The depth of love that Rajni fans have for the demi-god cannot be described through words. While the whole of Tamilnadu celebrates like its just witnessing another diwali, the world admires and appreciates the movie. Sivaji is a movie which is free from flaws but the arrest of Rajni without even knowing what is in his laptop is a flaw which i hate to mention. Otherwise the movie is for most of the part flawless.

On the whole , SIVAJI-THE BOSS is a must watch regardless whether you are a tamilian or a teluguite if you are in India. Anyways the movie is doing well in other languages as well as seen from some of the movie websites it seems.. Truly SIVAJI is the boss indeed!!!



  1. Ok youre the first person i know to have given a good review to the movie. Though Rajni was supposed to be his usual amazing inimitable self, many people felt the movie was a let down. Personally im allergic to Shankar’s movies because his movies display the maturity of a pre-adolescent. I think it would have been a great movie if he hadnt been the director. He tries to do too much and ends up giving too little. Spending crores on some meaningless special effects he forgets to spend time on the screenplay ending up serving complete balderdash.
    He can be a good entertainer. He should make movies that give good entertainment and not claim that they are carrying some social message. His concepts are good but his execution is poor. He tries to make a movie for both artistic and commercial values but ends up making it totally commercial. He lacks the finnese of Mani Ratnam to tread that fine line between the two realms of film-making. As youve said its doubtful how much his movies will make an impact because people watching it realize its complete masala. It just doesnt have an impact on them. The “messages” are preachy and “in-your-face” type. He lacks the tender subtlety of Mani Ratnam. In Mani’s films even a moment of silence speaks volumes. Shankar can never pull that off. So its pretty sad that despite all this his film-making skills are praised so much.
    Movies that have affected social psyche are ones like RDB, Munnabhai, Bombay, Kannathil Muththamittal(it rocks!!!!) not kitschy stuff like Anniyan, Mudhalvan, Boys. But its just great to watch Shankars movies in the sense that it turns out to be a complete laugh riot,in a way the director never expects!!!

  2. Yes i do agree with u saying that it is commercialized, but unfortunately it is a Rajni film and Shankar has opted to stick to his usual safe method of not experimenting and have the commercial-social message combo. I agree that people watch these films for more of an entertainment type rather than anything else useful. But who really wants the superstar to do something else experimenting out of his demi-god like status?? Well, the bottomline is Rajni films have to be hits.. The people expect them to be hits and even Rajni knows that it will be difficult for him to experiment with different roles for once the people are used to see him in this image, it is very difficult for him to adopt to different characters like Kamal or Amitabh do. On the whole, SIVAJI will be only a ‘commercial’ success even though i thought initially it would have a social impact since the protagonist is Rajni. Well, being a Shankar film, atleast it would be good for a change to see if it makes any social impact …[:D]

  3. Yeah i agree very much that being a Rajni movie it has to be purely commercial and i have no problems with that. As iv said it could have been purely entertainment like Rajni’s previous movies. Thats the magic of Rajni; to give a great entertainer. Im just very biased against Shankar because i feel he is highly over-rated as his movies never make sense but he keeps blowing his trumpet claiming to be fighting for social causes.

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