Posted by: Prashanth Rajan | September 1, 2007

My first Basketball stint

Well, i cant really think of anything socially concerning to blog about , so here i am basically jobless here and blogging about something which i found rather dull and boring to blog about, nevertheless i am here for that.

I had my first basketball stint last week, and whoah did i dig it or what!! i loved every moment of it. Basically i watch a lot of NBA and i really wanted to play it big time, now that NIT has got one, i thought why not make use of it.

Saturday, 4.00 pm: a group of pros are working hard for the possession of the ball. Right onto the side walks a stranger, keenly interested and watching from the sidelines, but not having had a single moment of playing basketball before. The stranger asked them whether he coulod practise and the pros told him that he could . And there started my first basketball stint. As great one. I made good use of my height but obviously my dribbling basics were low and i could not get the accuracy i wanted. I learnt a few moves about the basics and i was taking a break while all of a sudden, the pros started playing a match. I opteed to watch from the sidelines as I didn’t want to put them in a dilemma .

Minutes pass by and one of them asked me to play for him while he went to take a break. Hence began my first experience at playing this not-so-popular-in-india game. Basically very enthusiastic about the game, i braced up as i tried to defend one while he approached me. Then rather to my own then their confusion, i had blocked my own side from scoring a goal. Then the ball came into my possession and i was asked to pass the ball. But the beginner that i am, i looked down while dribbling and zap- the next moment the ball is nowhere to be seen- its in the hands of my opponent. Minutes tick by and ithis time i was trying to adopt a full front on approach while trying to defend the ball. I was confident that it would be difficult for the opponent to get pass me, considering that i tried to cover a large space, but still no, he got it pass under my legs and i was wondering how can i do anything to my team. Further losses were undone as the player returned and i was back in the spectator or may i say bench corner.

It was a good and cool experience for me, the first real sporting experience as I never really got a chance to play it during my life. Its been areally lon time since i blogged and i could’nt think of anything else to write about.

Hey do comment on how this blog was because i want to know whether i still have those writing skills with me.



  1. nalla post pa..

    and do play often…

    and why not write about the food u get in NIT ?? 😀


    and become a permanent part of the team…. all the best.. good post…

  2. Hey any game requires practice so do not lose hope and keep practicing when you get time.The most important thing is to enjoy the game.Once you start enjoying it you ll learn it quickly.You have an advantage with your height which is imperative for basketball.Your post reminds me of my first experience as a player of basketball.I just love the sport

  3. Hockey has changed, all the gold medals we won on grass, and today hockey is played on Astroturf. Since the introduction of AT, we haven’t even managed to reach the semi-finals of an international hockey tournament. U are right when u say that the Indian hockey has been going down hill for a long time now, But i guess this Olympic loss can act as a tipping point in Indian hockey & result in sweeping changes in the way we played our hockey and administrated it…..

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