Posted by: Prashanth Rajan | December 9, 2007

Hostel Life

Hostel – the one word people get familiar with once they get into some reputed institutes and which comprise of people not concentrated from a single area. I was lucky to be one of those people because I just dig this hostel life. I recently got admitted into NIT -Ham and at the initial stages, was a little bit hesitant to even think about how this would turn about to be,considering the fact that I have been a day scholar all my life. Now I was new to this. And I felt I wasn’t prepared.

But that’s where I was all wrong! Because Hostel life rocks to the core people ! And I really mean it!Sharing or not sharing a room, hostel life is indeed different. For ones away from home, hostel life is frequent and most of them do enjoy it. No other place where you can be with your friends as long as you like. Say I go to sleep only at 1-2 am. Think I study till that time? Hard chance! I just hang out with friends big time! No other place where someone won’t restrict you, atleast in my institute! I remember I was playing TT with my friend for 3 hours with the first match starting at about 12 am i think! There are also these other instances where the TV in the common room has riun for more than 24 hrs non stop [ think it was on a Ind-Pak ODI match which happened to fall on a weekend]. The unexpected sleepovers which were experienced when one fell asleep in others’ room while writing assignments discussing among friends. All the incidents and the things which happen in a common hostel cannot just be described in a blog.

Where the nice things reside, there is a flip side to it too. Hostels are no new to gang fights,thefts etc and our hostel was no different. A good thing is that these gang fights die out quickly and the thefts wasn’t usually that valuable. You do not want to be a hero and be involved in a gang fight unless you want to spend a week in medical attention-take it from me. Hostel fights are contagious. It starts out between two and ends up with around a dozen on each side. At the end both would have repented for their actions which for most of the cases would have been concerning a trivial issue.

Oh yes! Now comes my favorite part! The food that they serve here is amazingly delicious. Getting potatoes almost every night itself is really cool. And to think of the many Saturday and Sunday mornings I missed my breakfast and the even more instances I forced myself into the mess when it was just closing. I am lucky to get good food and I make sure to it that it gets well complimented, by eating it in lots of course! Then there were these food fights with friends when something like ice cream or custard/ Gulab Jamun/ rasgolla is served as a special sweet. Man! I rule in that. I make sure that most of the time I eat all of those sweets from my friends’ plates kept in my table just as it has arrived before they even start eating. Myslef and my friend one namely Anirudh are good champs at that.

Friends+good food+good facilities—> Great hostel life people! So please don’t miss out on this must-experience phase of life! and I am sure many of wouldn’t be repenting



  1. Well, seems that you have started enjoying a bit earlier than usual! As I had said, the first month is the scariest for the junior. Then, its fun as I had mentioned. I never had an opportunity to enjoy hostel. But on second thoughts, with the facilities MSRIT provides for people in hostel, I prefer home 🙂 .

  2. i think hostel life teaches you high time to learn to tackle and handle life’s ups and downs more efficiently than to anyone ever living at home under mom’s and dad’s me,it really does so,myself being in hostels from as early in my life as a 10yr old till these days…
    and what i learnt here is just what i could never manage to do if i were a day-scholar…
    it has got cons of its own too,but then everything has got pros and cons and nothing on earth is perfect,isnt it?
    rather,i would say hostel life do rocks!

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