Posted by: Prashanth Rajan | February 22, 2008

The psychology of a human brain and role of relativity in it

Now the moment you would come across such a topic, you would consider it to be a rather dull topic. But heck no, it is interesting and the following set of observations are on account of my own experiences as well as some of my friends.

I am going to discuss the thoughts of people say who like a particular person X but now Y. And I am like to have a thought on how relativity influences dreams and nightmares in the minds of people.

I have found out that from my observations people like people who sort of resemble themselves more if people like themselves. That is…. say if I like myself and I am a heavy built person and given 2 characters – say the undertaker and john cena- I would like the undertaker more because he sort of resembles me in a relative way. And my friend who — say is shorter than me would have a natural tendency to like john cena. These likings have a great dependence on appearance and has got very less to do with one’s character. I also would like to give an example of my cousin who is a born genius, is not of very tall stature and is the topper in his field, and he likes Sachin to an unbelievable extent. All these likings may not have any connections with role-models or crushes but just the people whom you like.

I was having a word with my friend about how some people get some visions about the future and how some other people get some strange instances in their minds which might not have any connection with their present life at all. According to one of my friend, it goes like this. [If u studied relativity, then you would understand this better]. People from the future emit wavelengths from their brain to themselves in the past at a speed greater than the speed of light and since then things would not be occurring at an normal speed when travelling back in time, the people in the present would be getting things from the future which might happen in their own life on account of the Lorentz transformations. And sometimes when people feel they have had a feel of their previous birth, since according to some other theories where the soul remains constant while only the body changes, the body with which the soul was in the future emitted certain wavelenghts which could be intercepted only by the new body that is controlled by the soul. Hence visions from the future as well as from the distant past can be explained if we look at it from a relativistic point of view and if we consider the brain to be an entity which transmits certain unique frequencies.

Now when we come to discussing phenomena of dreams, there are a number of ways different people like to look at it. The following part on my interpretation of dreams would not be justified if I did not make mention about the great Sigmund Freud. According to him, dreams were imaginary manifestations of what a person could not have in his real life. I have made this observation that if you have a whole day going out and having the same routine and if you think about one particular thing only for say — around ten seconds and that particular thing is not at all related with the rest of what you are thinking, then that one particular thing is going to come in your dream. I will give you my own example– I had my math exam on monday and i was now thinking about anything else except math the whole day on sunday. Just when i was taking a break from working out math, i just thought about my hometown for an instant and then continued studying math. That night, people in my hometown and instances only about my hometown came in my dream. Hence this study is an unusual phenomena as I have not read about this finding elsewhere–somewhat scary to me as well.

Hence I conclude by saying that as we can see, just like the way relativity has a role to play in many fields, it has a role in to play in some fields the human brain has not thought of before– The human brain itself. I am working further upon this theory and would like to present a more generalized statement of my findings in the near future. Thank you.



  1. Your theory is good da but not complete. There are lots of things which you have missed but you have generalised them. Keep working on it. who knows some day you might write a book on it

  2. Quite out of the box and extremely intriguing…

  3. things have been greatly generalized; depth needed to be given….

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