Posted by: Prashanth Rajan | March 12, 2008

Indian Hockey plunges to a new low

In what could be seen as a major setback to Indian hockey, it plunged to a new low by failing to qualify for the Olympics for the first time in first time in 80 years. This is no doubt ‘The saddest day’ for the national game of India and is considered to be a disgrace to Indian hockey. This outcome is to be pondered over seriously and in the better interest of the game, serious changes have to be implemented. With cricket already being the toast of the nation and indian cricket doing well now-a-days, this one wouldn’t have come at a worser time. By losing to England 2-0, India failed to qualify for the Olympics. Who is to be blamed? The selecting committee? The IHF president Gill? No one is sure but the blame just passes on from one person to another.

Only a few months back, they went on a hunger strike because they thought they lacked the deservation for their victory in the Asia Cup. The fact of the matter is – If you do not get critized for your losses, you do not get apllauded for your victories as well. Cricket is no doubt the predominant sport and it would very well seem that even a small win is highly celebrated, but considering the pressure that the palyers face due to huge following, it would only come to us as a fair deal. Now in no way am I advocating that Hockey victories do not deserve such parties, but sadly, the fact is it has a mediocre fan following and looking at the ways things are shaping up,I would say hockey is treading on an unknown perilous path. It is potentially in the dangers of becoming one of the forgotten games and would end up like just any other sport, inspite of having the distinction of being the national game of India.

The steps that might be considered as appropriate is to have a transparency in the selecting committee as well as selecting a new coach. Now this coach must be bold and must now succumb to the politics prevalent in the sub-continent and must be able to churn out the best team that India can possibly have. Politics is one of the dominant evil-doers to Indian sports.(Remember how Parthiv patel got into the Indain team without playing even a single Ranji match?) There are even questions about Gill’s tenure as IHF president. What are the steps that the governing body of Hockey will take to decide the future of this once illustrious sport? That remains to be seen. Indian hockey better take some bold changes for its upliftment as it is now walking on the never-before walked path ever.

What is Mr.Gill going to do now? All eyes are on you,president.



  1. Hmmm….

    PHL was a great idea…it was promoted well too…but it never got the viewership it deserved.

    Mr.Gill has to go..

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