Posted by: Prashanth Rajan | June 20, 2008

3 cheers to that old black square piece

Okay, in this age of high flying technology and gadgets beaming with new software and Windows unrolling its new windows Surface to hit the market in a few months(years), it all makes me wonder if they have got another rusty old question answered- Longetivity. Just the other day, I was planning to watch an old movie that was written by me a few days back and what do i get? The ol DVD doesn’t run because of some damned redundancy cylcic error, apparently because it seemed to have scratched up at a sensitive place. Man, what the @#$%# ! Lets face it, it is also apparent that we know the no of times we reboot our system right now and the no of PC components that we get replaced are way higher than what the situation used to be half a decade back. What I am trying to point out is, I am trying to question the vulnerability of today’s tech gadgets. My friend has a NOKIA 1100 from the time God knows when and he is still happy with his phone because he tells me it serves his purpose vey well. Just for communiction-thats it. One of my other friends has a Nokia N-gage and he isn’t happy- why? Because his high flying mobile is down with a blasted trojan or some similar virus which cant be removed so easily.
All these things put aside, I had a pleasant surprise in the form of a tiny little black plastic gadget. Any guesses? Its the floppy! I had to carry a ppt file to a friend who didn’t have net access and when i was searching for a mode of transport for the ppt, I stumbled upon this accessory, well known a few years back. I put the non-expecting black piece into a square hole called the floppy drive and I was all too happy to know it still worked! Hey it served my purpose! I was able to give my friend the ppt using the floppy. Now by no means I say all of you revert back to floppies, heck no, but if you give it a deep thought, don’t you think that to an extent that this new technologies have their focus diverted on something-say storage space, cool ectera features and things like that? The brainy people also know that since there will always be new gadgets springing up from improved technologies, they do not have to focus on the longetivity of a particular item.
In the yesteryears, floppies were a fad.
Currently, CDs and DVDs are.
Tomorrow, Blu ray disks and HD disks will be.
But as they say, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Heck No.
A Floppy will be a floppy and a DVD will be a DVD.
But 3 cheers, why 3? even more to the Floppy for that one factor forgotten today- Longetivity. All hail Longetivity!



  1. Change is inevitable, may be floppies turned out to be reliable, but they had their own share of problems. The most of which was the exe shared. It gave haath at the end floppy and sometimes it was the 6th or 7th. The flap if not used properly ended up damaging the data. Computers were more fit for rugged use. I don’t remember installing windows 95 more than 5 times in 5 years in my old PC. I think I would have installed XP on this system once every month!

    People need faster, better, bigger things. And they want it for a short span of time. A couple of months pass, the electronic gadget is outdated, a few years down the lane, you have an antique piece. What could have been better would be the integration of the durability into such gadgets. But after a grueling four year engineering course, I did learn that would be an unwise manufacturing plan. As they say for Chinese products “use and throw”. Just use them till it lasts, if its way beyond the warranty (if they provide), throw it. Astalavista baby!!

  2. This is a very old and raging battle that has been going on for years now. Technology has its pros and cons. Not everyone will like technology. But technology makes our life easier and much more comfortable.Its how effectively and how correctly u use it that matters. Abuse of technology has been a major problem for long time now.I ll give an example for this which you must have experienced. Mobile phones have become a basic requirement for every one today but how many people use the silent mode while in public place? Instead they have a very high volume ring tone which is irritating to say the least. this is abuse of technology. Now coming to the problem of longevity, a short useful life of a product is inevitable in today’s world. It is mainly due to the super fast advancements in technology. every day there s a new innovation taking place. Coming to your own example of floppy, it was one of the most unreliable piece of hardware. U could never predict when and why it stopped working. I have had some very bad experiences with floppies. And also floppies had a memory of around 3 mb. Today you can store Gbs of data easily.Also reliability of the storage media has improved. And one final thing as the end users advancement in technology is what we expect. Dont u get tempted to buy an xbox 360 or a PS3 instead of playing on your PC.

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