Posted by: Prashanth Rajan | July 7, 2008

Hey dude! I am ‘Spore’ing!

A typical conversation from a now-a-days gaming fanatics- ‘Hey hang on , i am not done yet’. ‘whoah my creature is like spooooky dude!’  ‘Cute!!!’ ‘ hey my spore is way better than yours man!.

If you are wondering what this ‘spore’ is all about , maybe you aren’t the average gaming freak. To catch the spore fever, just check out the no of videos on ‘youtube’. EA and Maxis, the creators of the Sims legacy have come out with what be can rightly adjudged the best creative game in the history of game making-‘ SPORE’. the trial version of the game is already out-‘Spore creature creator’. Taking gaming to a new dimension altogether, Spore promises to be one othe most exciting games and might as well overtake CounterStrike, Unreal , AOE as the best multiplayer game yet.

What Spore offers is truly amazing. To define it in one word -100% creativity. U basically get a cell and you have to build your creature from that single vertebrate cell by giving it various parts which can be associated with a creature. The alien looking creature , can easily fit in your alien sci-fi movie. In the full version of the game, apart from making your own creature, you can easily build your own society- you can also build your own buildings! If thats not enough, you also see whose civilization is better- apparently based on Darwin’s ‘Survival of the fittest’ theory.  One creature might be better looking than the other but it might be overshadowed by the adversary’s fighting skills and power.

To quote some of the features of this creature, you can make it dance, sing, express a variety of emotions such as anger, happiness etc ; apart from the usual locomotion and other stuffs. It can be apparently seen that a whole lot of hard work has gone into the making of the game. All applause for the game developers and a more special ovation for the one who came up with the concept.

Certainly the next generation in gaming, this game is the one which has to be watched out far. EA can truly be a little relaxed for quite some timeafter the release of the game, i think.

Way to go, EA and Maxis!!



  1. Yeah isnt this such an amazing game!!! You hit the nail on the spot when u said its creativity 100%. Or rather its creativity unlimited!!!!

    Its aoe and civ4 rolled into one. I just cant wait for the full game which is due on sept 2007. And it doesnt look like its gonna hog sys resources either. So double cheers to that. Acc to the previews one can even model the fine details of houses, palaces and vehicles acc to our needs. Thats really cool!!! Therell b more news about it aftr the upcoming E3 convention in Los Angeles so keep track!!!

    Looks like spore’s creators have been inspired by kamal’s make ups in dasavatharam!!! 😛

  2. i meant its due on sept 17 2008!!! dunno how tht got mixed up!!! 😛

  3. i meant its due on sept 7 2008!!! dunno how tht got mixed up!!! 😛

  4. what am i typing??? seriusly!!!! :-O …final date sept 7 2008!!!

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