Posted by: Prashanth Rajan | July 7, 2008

Rise of the Matadors

The last month and this one have witnessed the rise of a small country whose legionaries are well known for conquering many places centuries ago. Known for their bull fighting matadors, Spain, apart from being a lucrative tourist destination, have some fine achievements to their name. Mostly remembered now is in the field of sport, where they are dominantly making waves in soccer and tennis. From the land of Raul and Moya, Torres and Nadal, 2008 has been quite an eventful year for the land of the matadors.

Coming last month, Spain won its first major international tournament in over four and a half decades- the EURO 2008. Thanks to amazing performances from Torres, Fabregas, Xabi and others ; the spaniards had a big reason to celebrate. And they were received amidst much pomp and celebrations- fitting the champions.

Surely coach Aragones must be a happy man. Amidst all this victory celebrations, I would also have liked it if they made a mention of Raul, one of the world class players produced by Spain . May be in the time of Raul, Spain didn’t make any significant international presence excepting for their wonderful league football- Spanish La Liga. One must also not forget that Raul played a part for what the present team is today. However, all credit to Spain.

July 6,2008- History was made by Spain. This time in another sport-Tennis . Rafael Nadal becomes the first Spanish player in over forty odd years to win Wimbeldon- his fifth Grand slam. In the process, he prevented Fedex’s attempt for a sixth consecutive Wimbeldon victory. It was unarguably the most emotional grand slam victory for Nadal and even more undoubtedly the most tearful loss for Roger, considering what he just lost out on. Rafa had Fedex’s weak backhand as well nature’s forces to his command. Clearly, he has breached to what has appeared Fedex’s stronghold. While the world celebrates the king of clay as the newly crowned grass king, it also asks another question- Is Fedex’s dominance slowly coming to a halt? That can only be a spontaneous question. Even though 2008 hasn’t been a great year for the Swiss Master, he will be back. For real. He will be back better than ever.

Spain is really making a mark in the International arena and it is just forcing the other nations to stand up and take notice. The land of the famed Matadors has finally awoken- it seems.

It seems Spain is saying—World! Take notice! Do not even try to take a bull by its horns! We are the bull tamers!

Watch out world!


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