Posted by: Prashanth Rajan | July 7, 2008

The Chennai trip

Last week, I had been to Chennai, better known as singarachchennai.  I had been to my aunt’s place at mandaveli.   I stayed there for 3 days.  On the first day, I had the privilege of visitng the famous kapaaleeswarar kovil and it was a very good experience.  The whole locality is a place jostling with enthusiasm and I felt really at home during my visit here.  I saw orthodox iyers moving around , carrying on with their usual routine .  I also happened to see teppa kolam .  I put some some fish food in the kolam.  The kolam is surrounded by four directional MADA street.  Here in this street, one can find many places where one can buy pooja items., devotional things etc.  the whole surroundings of mylapore and mandaveli are blessed with lot of trees and one can feel at ease while staying here.

The morning the next day, I happened to visit marina beach which is around three kilometers from my aunt’s place.  It was around 6 am in the morning…. the active routine of the chennaites were apparent as many people were jogging at the pavement and many shops were already functioning to the full capacity.  I had a lease of fresh  air and I was lucky to see the beautiful sunshine over the bay of bengal.  On my way back ,   I happened to see a Lambhorgini Gallardo zoom across the beach road at more than 160 kilometers/ hour till it disappeared near the napier’s bridge.    Later that evening , I went to luz corner in chennai and I had icecream in ORCHARDS, chennais answer to corner house. The quality was really good and the prices were comparitively lower .  Hence one can find many people thronging there.    Hence words are not the right parameters to describe about this wonderful place..

The next day , i was visiting adyar as i had some work there.  i was really impressed with the design and structure of house layout and it was a very serene and quiet place.  there were lots of apartments very much similar to the ones in mylapore.

on the third and final day, i had been to a relative’s marriage in south boag road.  The marriage was lavish and the whole marriage hall was centrally air conditioned and it also had concerts where two reputed singers sang popular tamil numbers.  Not to mention the delicious food that was very traditionally south-indian.

Chennai is by-far the best place for living, excepting the hot weather, there are exceptionally good educational, health-care facilties to name a few. Hail Singaaara Chennai!!


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