Posted by: Prashanth Rajan | October 24, 2008

The philosophical bugle

when do people basically get inspired? When they see someone marvelling at their job so damn excruciatingly well, that they would like to emulate them in a similar fashion. Well, sometimes, what may be found as inspiring to some may be perceived as not so appealing to others. Now, what makes for these set of differences? yeah, you get loads and dozens of self-help books on the market which do nothing but shell out your hard-earned money. Sometimes, they do help. many a time, they don’t.

Now, in no way am i suggesting that there aren’t any good self help books at all. But, many do lay emphasis on the obvious niceties on life and telling us that one is right and one is wrong, but all these will mostly depend on how receptive your reader is. The most fascinating thing of a great writer is obviously how well he can anticipate his reader’s perception. And sometimes ,hitting on the deck is exactly what most of the authors do without much dressing up, bit more in vague like the executive management style. And it pays off pretty well too. Now, what appeared to me as a pretty decent way of summing up things is- many of these self-help books finally centre down to one basic thing- that thing called LOVE.

A bit confused? Don’t be. Why do successful people called what they are called? because they love what they are doing. Yeah Yeah , you mostly end up getting advices like you have to improve in that area of discipline and this and that, but if one tries to focus to love what they do, all these other factors come after that automatically. All these proclaimed beneficial factors spring up by itself. pronto.  LOVE whatever you do, wherever you do .Learn to LOVE your life, and the life loves you back. This is what i learnt after so many experiences(not all of them my own).  LOVE ,love, love .that is it. Well, if you do not know how to love whatever you are doing, no one can teach you to love. The burning desire to love comes from within the heart ,not the intelluctual mind, thus free from any other specific want based desires, instead just aspiring and ambitious ones. Well, once you have learnt how to love your life the way you don’t love anything else, all these countless self-help books seem nothing but a heap of dust, and the world will dance to your music.

To sum all this up, THE SECRET OF SUCCESS IS LOVE.



  1. dasavatharam

  2. kathalil vilunthean

  3. The key word is Passion. Unfortunately your article does not apply to living things(especially girls!!). They dont love u back even if u love them with all ur heart.. 😀 I am in total agreement with u when it comes to loving things!!

  4. oh dear! … such wisdom from a 20-something 🙂 … great one.. I buy your post!!

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