Posted by: Prashanth Rajan | December 26, 2008

The Electronic drug

What i am going to write is probably prevalent in some of the major residential institutions with a ready local area network. No prizes for guessing.. They are the lan games. More of an electronic drug.. is what i would like to call it. The intent to which it has taken up part of the daily routine of the hostelers is sickening, and in my case, insanely maddening. If lan games were a drug, then Counter-strike would be the big momma of all drugs. The more you play this game, the more and more people get addicted to and lesser and lesser people focus on other imporant things, such as academics. Guys go late into the night planning strategies, playing matches  ( 5 on 5 ) or simply random head shotters. Whether a hostler has attended classes as a part of his regular routine is debatable, but his absence from the regular gaming circuit is only rare. Another drug, if not like CS, is Age of empires. Although this drug can only be administered at certain times when there are enough people and this drug is more a brain triggering one rather than the former’s mouse navigational abilites. CS involves mouse skill and strategy(if you are a serious fragger) while AOE is all about strategy.

One thing that seems to be redolent of all these games are that they seem to have a huge impact on one’s academics, but the almighty is not benevolent when it comes to having poor grades… :D.. These games seem quite alright when it is played in MODERATION, else there are debates of it being able to spark aggressive behavior in teens, and it is really not that worthwhile to be playing it at the cost of your health , your grades and ultimately your life ! If i were a doctor and you asked me what would be the drug rehab for such a case, i would say first uninstall these games, then go for something extra curricular, say hit the gym or go play some ball ! It does not seem exciting at first(considering you can stay in your room all day and do nothing but CS) , but once you have become a part of that small regular group, you can be rest assured you are going to have a great time.

Give it a thought and you wouldn’t disagree with me when i say that lan games have very much become a drug- definitely not for the good of ‘mankind'( hehe ye i know i have exaggerated but here mankind refers to a special kind of men- the gaming hostlers). Well, CS is no medicine but it is actually a poison and you know what happens when it is taken in overdose!! My friends are literally going to kill me considering I wrote this post, myself being a serious CS freak!!He He


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