Posted by: Prashanth Rajan | March 31, 2009

Who am I ?

Each day i think
The familiar roads I tread on and the people i used to see seem to sink
Each day i see
People with dreams and undying ambitions walking alongside me
And I ask myself
When will i realize the meaning of life

Each day my face is weathered by the eye of a storm
Each experience teaches a bountiful unknown

Out of the cocoon that I was writhe
Struggling to find my place in this blue sphere
No longer in the protective care of my folks
I have to make my mark in this world
One day i will find those wings
Those imaginary feathers with which the song of life I shall sing

All I am asking is to love and be loved
I want to live my life
And one day I will know
And the world will know
That my day has finally come
Until then I am still trying
To find my heaven in this earth

I want to reach the place where there is sunshine
Go and spread my hands wide
Everyone has their own dreams
Everyone has their own ambitions
Everyone has their own reason to live their life

The memories haven’t faded
To this day I remember seeing my infancy
The days which seemed so happy
And I don’t know whether I can find such happiness again

Life as a mixture of colors in a album
I see myself back in time
Its time to live in the present
And I realize that I have to live my life yet
How i would love to see someone look at me
And gleam with pride

I am still struggling
To find my place
People are walking, people are running
The roads they tread are without a trace
My mind has become an illusion
Happy with the so called facts of delusion
And I ask myself
“Who am I ?”

Come to believe that there is a force that is greater than what drives everyone
The spirit of ambition
The burning heart of desire
Everyone’s seemed to have found theirs
And I ask myself
“Where’s mine ?”

The dream needs to be caste upon me
The inspiration needs to manifest
I am still struggling to find them
And without a doubt I am sure
I haven’t figured out the meaning of life
And I still ask myself
“Who am I ?”



  1. He he .. sounds like u are in love.. Such deep emotions!!

    people talking without speaking
    people hearing without listening
    listen to the sounds of silence

  2. Dalai Lama is coming, seek his divine blessings and ask him for guidance…His holiness will show you the right way…
    nicely done…

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