Posted by: Prashanth Rajan | May 7, 2009

The greatest TV show

Planet Earth

A show that has left me gaping with pure awe. I am not exaggerating when I say this- hold your horses, this series is the greatest show television has ever seen. No doubt about it . BBC World takes us on a journey of Our mother Earth, And what a documentary they have created ! Once you start watching this series , you will be left dumfounded, and you will be asking yourself how in the world did they make such a documentary ? I was left with my mouth wide open. Sights you have never seen, locations never ventured, phenomena you have never known, taking us to places man has never ever dreamed of in a million ages. This is undoubtedly the best television has to offer.planet_earth1

Planet Earth is a pure visual treat. I would say the actual context of it being informative and knowledgable would be secondary, and the prime focus of the show in enthralling its viewers lies in its power to attract beyond reason. No matter how many great writers review this show, it will still in no way do justice to what you are witnessing here. All credit to BBC World and its team. What an effort ! Such tenacity, such hard work ! To the benefit of millions of viewers, the folks at BBC world deserve all the applause. The programme also carries out a function of an encyclopedia into unexplored territory, but it does it in a far far interesting and engrossing way that can leave it viewers flabbergasted. Narration, music and editing in the legendary way of the BBC, in a subtle, very light and soothing for the senses.

If you haven’t watched Planet Earth yet, I would suggest you buy a DVD pack from a good retail store. It is one of the greatest treasures that your electronic medium can ever house. Your television or your PC screen will be honored it is playing such a masterpiece. And I am not the one you would associate with fanatism, nor am I going overboard with my slightly descriptive review here, but this according to me just goes to show that such shows deserve all the recognition. I myself am privileged to get an opportunity to watch a series such as ‘Planet Earth’. This is probably the finest of all documentaries ever created, and i would doubt if any other infotainment even in the future can measure up to the gist of this one.

Once again, for all of us who have watched this magnum opus, we ought to thank BBC for everything. For those of you who haven’t, get ready to put on your thanking caps. This is one show that every human on the planet needs to watch. And I am serious.

P.S. Watching this show in a resolution lesser than a high definition format or a Blu-ray would be really insulting to the series, please try and watch it in HD to properly appreciate the essence.



  1. heard of it; carrying it home this summer!!!

  2. Hey man!! Thats cool.. thanks for the info.. If you can get hold of the series from anywhere .. lemme know and send it to me!

  3. Planet Earth is definitely a must watch series! You have given a good review! But you are right, none of us can do justice to the series by reviewing it. It must be watched!

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