Posted by: Prashanth Rajan | November 12, 2009

What girls need to know about guys

Hello peoples !! Long time no seen. what better to spring back to the fore with a rather interesting topic. Let me first warn you that this blog post is coming from a GUY,and secondly people expecting intense dramatization can better while away their time on another arbit post instead of clinging on to this one. Any resemblances/happenings to people currently living are purely intentional. And this post is really a serious one so i have paid scant attention to my literary skill as I am typing this as I would normally speak out on a topic on something. This post has incidents and observations based from experiences, some having to bear the misfortune of being my own. On a serious note, this post is aimed at girls who sort of dont really get the lay-down on guys. And a post to all the good guys who have been misinterpreted/misunderstood by the other sex and are currently ‘unluckily’ single. I use the apostrophe for obvious comprehended reasons. Anyways the usual perceived notion is that guys always look for physical and proximate needs in girls, which i dont not disagree. But it is a huge mistake to always think in that train of thought as it is seriously saddening to the other really great guys who really want a meaningful purpose of life in their partners . I know girls may think that this is not really the sane way of learning about us guys , in the sense that no blog can just magically guide you dudettes to know dudes better, it will depend a great deal on your own intuition and sense of character judging. Because, after all, at the end of the day, isn’t character what its all about ? And I am no authority to have a say, you might ask as to why read some arbit blogger’s shoutbox, but do help me on the path to bloggarizing…so read this nevertheless. Just have a glance at what a guy has to say about what needs to be known about them . For all the single guys, if you havent really hit it off with the opposite sex, you dont have to mope around. Its like this. If a guy doesnt get a girl, the girl doesnt get him either. So be happy and zen. For more cool stuff regarding being single and not having a girlfriend, please read my Guru Barney Stinson’s blog at CBS. Insanely humorous and cheerful.

Disclaimer : This post is strictly based on my own views and observations. It is not meant to mislead anyone and I do not force neither compel my fellow bloggers to put up with my madness. Read it at your own will.

Now, my dear female blogriends, this goes out to you. I hope you can get a lay-down.

When a guy doesnt really talk, but is sort of shy and nervous, he might enter into panic mode[ which can be characterized by an occasional distinct facial expression and rapid blinking of eye lids.

Its really not fair to judge a guy’s character from just one meeting. For all i know, he might be too shy to talk and he might be needing his time to talk and blend with new people

Do spend a lot of time hanging out with the guy as friends so that you will have a really long time to decide what and who he really is.

All the fairytale expectations need to take a backseat. I am not saying dont have them, but atleast it should NOT be given a high preference.

The only way to really know a guy truly is how he blends among his friends and to get to know his interests, likes , dislikes. So start hanging out with him more often.

A guy wanting to show you to his parents is really a great guy !

Stay away from guys who resort to blackmail, especially the emotional ones. These guys are sick. I mean S-I-C-K. A guy who truly loves you will never do such a thing

Once the guy has enough confidence, he might spring up some surprises. So if you expect something from a guy, make sure to him that you like him, or else he is just going to keep his feelings bottled up and wouldn’t say anything unless you indirectly hint to him about the go-ahead.

Please do NOT believe in Love at first sight.[ people differing in opinion can challenge me to an open argument on this]

When a guy looks at you into the eye and says something , he really means it and he definitely cant lie to you this way.

If you are really onto a guy and the guy is like into you, it is really not pleasant to talk about other guys[esp your exes] and saying that they are really good looking and things like he was a great guy and all.

It wont take a great deal of effort for guys to flirt or impress you. Many of these specimens are obviously looking for somethings beyond the obvious. I do not endorse guys who like flirting or impressing or wooing and all. I like the slow , but really strong ‘ Get to know each other very well ‘ before making the moves. It is the best to know the guy as a person [ I am open to debate :P]

When a guy looks at you with really long unblinking eyes and is taking slow inhaled breaths, his heart is really beating fast and he is really in love with you. Girls who have seen this are really lucky as this is one way where she can make sure a guy loves her without having to be flirted upon.

There are many more facets of a guy’s character but it depends on what you are looking for. There are a lot of great guys out there who stay low-profile. The really high profile people aren’t necessarily the best ones and the best ones aren’t always high profile. So please do not make assumptions about US. Thats about it I think. May all the great gals be \m/ with the suave, cool and hip part of US.

For all my fellow male dudes, if you really like a girl you just saw, befriend her saying you found her interesting or start a mutual interest conversation. If you probably go and try and some fancy moves and give her the red chromed, sweet smelling flora , 95 % of the times you are bound to end up with a broken heart. And a lonely heart is way way better than a broken heart. Girls like surprises , but not from any stranger. [The last piece of advice to the male dudes comes from a uncredited friend of mine who thinks his name is too special to be featured publicly on my literary esplanade]. Anyways thanks to all of you for putting up with my madness. I will be back blogging on a regular basis as I have more time to call mine as of now, even though I am sure it wont be the same in a few months’ time. [ Pre-final year Engg- bah ! tell me about it guys ! ]

I know this is soo unlike me, anyways i did not write this to have some surge in blog readership but lets just say I just wanted to get something off my back. And it feels better. 🙂 … Ciao around peoples!!!



  1. hope each and every girl likes it; make it a point to publicize it in PGH; i seriously want all of them to read it…

  2. May I know to whom you have written this indirectly…????

  3. Very interesting…and surprising.

  4. Hey man..

    nice post.. way too many ideas swirling in it!!

    but after the read, i just got the feeling that the misnomer that guys are un-emotional creatures is not so true after all.

  5. Hey Prash,

    A different post and very surprising that its from you.

    Well, if I have got the essence of the post, its about love, the psyc behind the girl and the boy.

    According to me, I think there is a time where there is no infatuation and as friends you get to know each other very well. Or a small encounter impresses you enough to go ahead and discover more of that person.

    Its not a hit , trial or lose basis… I think, observing secretly and going on to propose someone will end up in a big failure just because the girl doesn’t know anything about you.. And according to me love is more of a mutual understanding where no one proposes anyone.. its understood just like that.. a mystery…

    I think I have deviated too much from the topic..

  6. Hail Prash* 😀
    I agree to every single idea posted above-pretty strange,huh 🙂
    Funny how much learning comes out of something so bitter, eh? But the best part is that something bigger and better is waiting to come 🙂

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