Posted by: Prashanth Rajan | November 24, 2009

Of Academia and Rocky Balboa !

Ever since the third year of engineering came into the picture, the thought of doing something different always had passed my mind. Now this obviously has come at a rather surprising time, taking into consideration that the third year is not always that time you would have all the time in the world. For instance , way back in July, i had planned for a meticulous schedule of gym, study and tennis. Now not all things fell into place, considering that academics has never been my cup of tea, neither the idea of getting a body such as ivan draga has materialized into the bonehead thick skull of mine. For the next few months I planned on working out , playing tennis and then concentrate on a familiar known domain Academics. I wanted perfect chiseled abs like the character Dolph plays in Rocky 4, but unlike him, I dont have any fights lined up with Rocky Balboa. Oh yeah people ! i root for the antagonist here. Draga has sort of become of my nickname and I am proud of it ! Well , about the resemblances .. Ahem , moving on …

Heavens ! This picture is so damn sexy [I am not gay if that is what you are thinking] that this just makes up for a great poster and is still an awesome display of chiseled perfection that I really have the mind to upload it again .

See the trick ! In the self proclaimed ‘The God of small things’ book of mine , happiness sure does conjure up uploading photos of draga twice.  The point is – How many of us have been spellbound by the workouts of Sylvester Stallone from Rocky ? Or be transfixed by the exploits of Gerard Bulter in 300  ? And how many of us have let laziness take over our psyche ? Well the fact still remains. Now the effect of seeing a Rocky movie and its awesome training can yield anything , absolutely anything but a goose egg. And when the thoughts of possessing a body such as Dolphie seeped into the mind of mine, it has got to have after effects. I remember once I had to be taken into the doctor for a swollen right arm. No kidding guys ! I am really a fanatic. But in the simple sense , All good things come to a break , if not the legendary end. And so when Life’s simple pleasures consist of uploading Dolph Lundgren’s picture twice, it can also consist of wowing on a picture of this. And then all that inspired frenzy over getting Dolphie’s abs and biceps all come to a weird break, if not end. The goddess thronged as my desktop wallpaper for more than 2 summers until my 3Ghz baby gave me the cold shoulder for not having paid attention to the other quite charming creations of God. My question is – Why God Why ? 😀 ..  Why does such angelic creations of God have to be juxtaposed to the imaginary backyard of random cuppers ?  And hence I waste another idyllic setting on what could have been a productive use of cardio workouts , or atleast cerebrum teasers. My good friend Ajay had a question transfixing the myths of modern and pre-historic mankind. Do all the awesome creations of God need understanding? what is their purpose then ? Such questions form an ideal backlight in the rather chaotic thick headed skull of mine. Now, me being in a residential institute , there are no martinets around to keep tabs on me, and the cycle of Karma repeats. The sinking comfort of laziness.The balancing of the equation. I slip into day-dreaming. One of my most favourite totally unproductive pastime. Voila. The contradiction – Me day dreaming led to one productive thing- this post. Now then again, what was this post about ? 😀 Ahem Ahem ……



  1. ok, i am awesome and i day dream…
    i dont wish to have a body like that of draga, yet would love my girl to have a body similar to say-“elisha cuthbert, or even nicole kidman is fine!”

  2. I don’t understand. Why did you put up Draga’s pic twice and not Elisha’s even once?

    Its OKAY to put up her pic ! 🙂

  3. > This picture is so damn sexy [I am not gay if that is what you are thinking]

    Sorry, but I still can’t let this statement go unchallenged. [:P]

  4. BSSSSSSS……. i put the elisha pic pic fer pete s sakes…. ! consider that too !

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