Posted by: Prashanth Rajan | December 4, 2009

Angel of my dreams

All along life’s path, when I am not doing anything worthwhile mentioning, I tend to go philosophical with my understanding of life. Some of the questions that we face have no possible answer, and some exigent ones have to be quickly pondered upon. Solitude is a great way of thinking unhindered. Ruminating over it on a ripe green garden, I lay down with my legs crossed, one leg resting on the other, my head reposing on my hands and the wind brush through my tresses while I faced upward the sky with eyes closed. I coalesce into deep thought, while all of a sudden the chirping of birds, the rustling of leaves, the pattering of wind all come to a gentle but abrupt halt. Out of the shadows, a mystical figure appears. The vision is too blurred, too bright. And then, slowly, everything seeps into normalcy, as endured by a percipient. The world came to a halt. There it was. The mystical figure. She walked with such tender and slow graceful steps. Her eyes were full of enchanting and sparkling youth, and she was a spring in full bloom. Her lips were luscious and her skin soft as dew drops on a rose petal. Her face radiant as the full moon and delectable as would honey with milk. Her mystic fragrance emanated a aura of peace and tranquil and she had the attributes and the divine serenity of a elysian marvel. An ostentatious display of elegance. She was an angel. I looked at her with long unblinking eyes, my mind refusing to believe the grandeur and denying any minute thoughts of process. With a bright white halo and green serenity around, she articulated ” You are seeking for the truth. One who knows self, knows all. She enunciated in a enamoring manner which had me in a trance in an instant.

Liv Tyler from LOTRHow do you define ideality ?
Is it something that you equate to perfection ? Something that you are sure cannot be exceeded ? Something that cannot be ameliorated ? Some search for it all eternity, some strive all life for it. But in the process, you realize, the one goal that has been eluding you, the one force that has been driving you, the one thing that you realize you have learnt it on the way but still not satisfied with the answer. The meaning of life. The very purpose of existence…………….. The angel comes and stretches forth
her hand. Spellbound as I am, I reach out . And then the unthinkable happens.

Prashanth ! Prashanth ! $#%%@ ! You are going to be late for class again ! I wont proxy you again, you $%$%^$ ! Its been a long time you showed your face in the class. [Vigorous loud tones and interruptions that rival bats’ ultrasonic undulations effectuate in my mind and wake me up from my deep resounding slumber]. An another fruitful dream comes to a gripping finale. Will the angel come again ? Will she define the meaning of existence ? It is to be seen …..

P.S. My roomies are a bunch of real nice guys. The slangs are just there to make it more lively and humorous. (pun intended)



  1. Dream on my brother.. Angels are waiting just beyond for you !!

  2. i never called you an “a******”, though i remember calling you “f*******”…

    i was wondering why were you getting addicted to sleep. so this was the reason! good one.

    NB:I m his roommate!

  3. You can call him whatever you want. As long as he doesn’t day dream, its fine with me…

  4. haha dream on .. i hope she comes again =)

  5. wow..she was quite an angel indeed!!

  6. @ Ajay
    dude you are unrivalled in sleep mania !


    Yup very much hopeful … if she does and if there are updates, there will be a part 2 for sure 😛 😀

  7. that was f****** awesome. the words were like honey.

    • 🙂 🙂

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