Posted by: Prashanth Rajan | December 23, 2009

Sound Army !

Music has been , and will always be a great way of entertaining people of all ages, types and ear-drums. And the beauty is that you can really strike a chord when it  comes to getting a message across which is a good supplement to great music. We are all entertained by great music, but seldom do we appreciate the lyrics and the meaning lying underneath. I would really like to contribute on that part, and myself not being involved in any musical pursuit whatsoever, I would like to dedicate this post to a band newly started by a friend of mine.  I stumbled upon it and the theme and the music were really unique. I would consider this a fine grab to spread the word

OLIPADAI (Tamil) – translates to ‘Sound army’ was formed in August 2009. Sometime back down memory lane, a group of young blooded  maniacs had their soul in music and they were planning to do this for quite some time.  Only recently did they get the time to materialize that dream. Band members are Kaber, Sairam, Keerthana and Java.  Very much like a young spirited band, they are on the start of their journey and have churned out a few songs . They can be viewed on youtube with the label ‘Olipadai’ ‘Kaber vasuki’. I liked the theme of their first song called ‘Vidhai’. The theme is based on child labour and how children who are supposed to enjoy the freedom and their delicate childhood, are missing out on that and are made to work as labourers forcefully.  A very contrasting theme, you must check out their other songs and see for yourself. Rather than me singing praises , its best you yourself just listen and appreciate the essence in each song.

Rather than calling it an interview, I am very happy and pleased to tell you that ‘Olipadai’ would like to describe about themselves. In short , here is a short bio about them . Here is Kaber, one of the band members of Olipadai :

My name is Kaber Vasuki, I’m part of a tamil rock band called Olipadai.
Enna da tamil bandnu soletu peter vedaranu paakareengala, musicku language illa, athan. 😛
Anyways to the point. We’ve been recording rough versions of our own compositions and putting them on the internet. Most of the feedback has been positive. :).
We are greedy for more feedback and that is the reason for this mail. Following are the links to all our songs.
Vidhai (Written by Sairam and Kaber Vasuki. Performed by Sairam)

Amma (Written and performed by Kirthana and Kaber Vasuki)

Thrunthi Vaa (Written by Kaber. Performed by Kirthana and Kaber)

Maanda Mannan Kaviyam (Written, performed by Kaber )

Kannavu (Written by Kaber. Performed by Kirthana and Kaber)

Vasanthakaalam (Written and performed by Sairam)

Poradu (Written by Kaber. Performed by Kirthana and Kaber)

Pachai Perundhu (Written and performed by Kaber)

If you like our songs and would like to know more about us check out our Orkut, Facebook or drop a mail to And do forward this mail to your friends.



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