Posted by: Prashanth Rajan | December 23, 2009

Stop the madness

Someone asked me as to why limit my blogging area to just non routine arbit stuff. In the sense I could blog on general happenings , but wouldn’t that be just commenting on arbit stuff ? You can obviously read stuff from any prominent news website or any other really good news writers, but aren;t you reading what they want you to read ? 😀 Here you will be reading the random rantings of a ‘normal’ blogger, free from the TRPs and BRPs of all that sort. Like wise I am really bogged down by some of the issues which have been bothering me for quite some time now. I mean the Telangana crisis, Copenhagen Summit arbit blah blah. At the advent of Telangana, it seems just everyone and anyone can get a new state these days. What is this ? A new-state bargain sale ? Unlike many of the reviewers out therewho are pro-divide and conquer, I am AGAINST creation of new states. I recently came across a  India Today article which was pro new-state creation. I am really tempted to write a very long looong article criticizing and pennning down my thoughts in an all out extravaganza, but now, I am , after all, just another blogger, and questioning the credibility of myself, I would just like to limit myself to some basic rantings. More states mean more dependence on the centre. More paperwork. More red tape. Major reasons for new state demands are seen as large state unmanageabiltity(courtesy “Statue Specalist” Mayavati ) and some arbit reasons stating countries in the west like US has 50 states, so why not us and similar kind of reasoning. I will tell you why exactly why I am against the strategy “Divide and Conquer ” will suffice only when carried out in steps and is not a good move in a recession affected democracy. What about the fate of the millions and millions of farmers in recession affected times ? The current govt is doing a fairly decent job and focus has to be on the path to development on contain rising inflation (with increase in vegetable prices at a humongous rate while the scenario is quite the opposite worldwide) rather than new state melodrama. Mayawati, the queen of self gratification known for meaningless squandering of public wealth it seems requires a new state for her (in)glorious statues. Statuepradesh ? Looks like even I can get one Prashopradesh 😛 Isn’t there anyone who can bring this madness to justice ? No offense to anyone from UP, but the opposition there is one sick opposition it seems. The UP CM jas silenced the opposition with money in their mouths and the Centre is not taking action of any kind in this corruption infested Statueland. After all, money is flowing like rain water in Cherrapunji in Mayawati’s hands.

                  Here is also a land where through years and years of red tape imply delayed justice and the Indian judicial system can be made a mockery upon by political stalwarts, Mayawati is just going to to get away unscathed. After all, isnt this the land where a ex-DGP is brought to justice ( I dont know in what land you call 6 months imprisonment for such a crime justice ) after 2 decades of the crime ? I really feel sorry for the girl Ruchika. No person is above the law and sometimes I feel there must be certain interventions so that justice may prevail atleast a fitting one, leave alone a punctual one. This is where the media can play a huge role but still is underplaying it . If the Prez could intervene in this one  ( please do) , the ex-DGP could be brought to his knees. A fitting message and can maybe turn the non-believer-in-Indian-judiciary in me. Still the question remains. With the Supreme court taking its own sweet time for each ruling, time ticks , focus wanes and delayed justice will not be appreciable justice. With people like Mayawati still on the fray, India 2020 why even India 2050 is a distant and lost dream for me. The North will still be reeling under the shadow of the South with lacklustre leaders taking charge. I have 2 issues in the back of my chaotic entropy filled brain- New states and Judicial Histrionics. The UPA needs to address these issues with haste and caution ( I can see the contradiction) the issue of new states, maybe implement Divide-and-conquer but step wise implementation without losing prime focus is essential. A complete revision of the Indian judicial system can also be a possibility, granting of more powers and time taken and domain of powers. I was a stauch supporter of L.K.Advani a decade back, but the congress right now is doing a fairly decent job( better than its predecessors atleast) and have found an ardent admirer in me, but it looks like they are going to commit a big mistake yet. Sometimes the opposition just does the job of hue-and-cry in the wake of even some good steps by the govt, and this criticizing the Copenhagen summit agenda seems just that. When will India have a constructive opposition ? ( instead of hullabulloing the Copenhagen crisis, it can raise voices in issues needing addressal- Like Fragmenting States ) . The Copenhagen crisis saw an aggressive India for a change. Will the so called award winnig news media stand up and take note? Instead of discussing the dumbness involved in Rakhi Sawant’s sleaziness and mindless Bollywood flicks, it can put forth pressing matters at hand. Ah ! This can go on and on . Talk about general viewing interests and TRPs and then again come to media maturity and media viewing maturity ! Media in India is young , and a certain sense of maturity better be inculcated to halt a progessive insanity.  Enough of my insanity for the time being. Peace peoples!



  1. Legal reforms are needed; Justice delayed is justice denied. Ruchika’s fatehr says that if the FIR would have been lodged immediately followed by a speedy trial then probably she would have been alive(As told to Barkha Dutt, NDTV).

    Join Hands to Change and Sign an online petition to the Minister of Law, India for the review of the sentence and inclusion of charges for abetment to suicide(under IPC 306) and setup a fast track court for speedy disposal of the case within 6-month. SIGN NOW at

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