Posted by: Prashanth Rajan | December 28, 2009

The 7 ‘deadly’ sins

The following 7 articles laid out by Prashji the Thala, are taken to be the 7 deadly sins which can be observed in any light and night of hostels. To speak of it shall lead to unequal butt, to gossip about it in the outer world invites rebuke and thus putting it forth here can be let off as a faint trace as Thala is far off  from his wingmates on holidays and has the possibility of not having to face ‘dangerous’ consequences in the form of a swollen posterior.

DISCLAIMER: Insanity of the author is generally intended for humorous purposes, and is not intended to hurt anyone and must be taken in a jovial sense.

The 7 commandments are a result of extensive experience of NIT life and generally observed in NIT Hostels. Not paying heed to them are generally seen as ‘sins’.

1. Thou shalt not speak of letting the naked body face the heavenly blue liquid for more than once a fortnight

Translation to Took:

NEVER talk about the frequency of baths taken in a fortnight to a junta, unless you want to be prophesied as the uncool dude

2.Thou shalt not oppose motivation of thee to likes of thy neighbour

Translation to Took:

If a wingmate bunks college, it is generally cool to follow suit and not be the lone ‘bad’ sheep in the community

3. Thou shall not oppose certain fellow humans’ wayward behaviour in the path of mislead Confucious teachings

Translation to Took:

Opposing and trying to reform certain junta who live under the shadow of ‘Odka’ martini and discuss tobacco content can prove to be dangerous to the self’s physical exterior in the form of mundane physical assaults

4.Thou shalt not abstain from the will of the insanity of shell popping, and the likes of pikes piercing paladin

Translation to Took:

It is considered uncool if a junta has not played either of the 2 games- Counterstrike and AOE

5.Thou shalt not refuse to share one’s assets both in the material as well as non material form

Translation to Took:

Wingmates generally borrow soaps, buckets , shampoos, AXE bottles. One should try and live in conjugal harmony and not complain.

Junta must generally share downloaded movies/games ,other arbit stuff on DC++, failing to do so will result in profanities of the BC/MC kind

6. Thou shalt not refuse to help in need of a calling aid, albeit in the form of role assuming

Translation to Took:

Proxy is essential in a junta’s life, how else can we listen to dizzying lectures and yawn-0-matic professors ?

7. NaugHty has been ways of late,

The desire to travel near and far starts with AmErica,

RuSsian mathematicians, chess players alike;

To err, To abnegate, the will of InsTitute.

Translation to Took:

Peregrin Took is nowhere to be seen,as the above cannot be translated to Tookish tongue, for it is already in one.

Gandalf the Grey Interruption: Thou shalt not speak of black words in the land of Mor … Ahem… Wordor !



  1. Lol!!!.. well written.. the concept of ‘Took’!

  2. The bunking part was good 😛

  3. 😛
    thou can write a good post.
    thou make a brilliant observation.

    um u forgot,
    8. thou will copy assignments or better not do them. 😀

  4. Ah yes ! the thingy about assignments ! how can i forget ! i happen to be among the majority who copies assignments, but guess will rite a seperate post dedicated to that later 😛

  5. The seven commandments is more like it!!! great stuff man! may proxies soar and may the students of NIT share their buckets 🙂

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