Posted by: Prashanth Rajan | January 10, 2010

Fan Chan

One of the pluses of being at home in vacations is you can watch movies on the idiot box sans any interruptions ( if you are lucky enough not to have the serial viewing crazy mom that is) , and I want the blogging space ( that minor crowd that still reads my rantings :P) to know about one particular movie that struck a chord in me.

Fan Chan (Eng-My girl) – I happened to watch this movie on the world movies channel, and I was simply flummoxed by it. A thai movie released in 2003, (see the IMDB for details), it is about the story of the intricate friendship that a boy shares with a girl in his childhood. I am not going to write about the story, as it would mean just giving an arbit review, the user comments at IMDB are doing a good job on this one , so I am just going to tell you WHY I loved this particular movie. In short , if someone asked me why, I would say Fan Chan is a inquistive canvas into one ‘s childhood. It brings back nostalgic memories of the beauty interwoven in school life, irrespective of language barriers. The first time you held open your neat brown paper-covered notebook to write notes, and the first time a teacher beat with you with a stick as punishment for not doing your homework or for talking in class. The first time you had a crush in your school life ( I still remember all the names of my crushes and classes when I had them, my first one for instance started when I was 1825 days old.)(and I have a total of 7 crushes).All these entwined with serene locations of the Thai country side make for an excellent calm peaceful and blissful viewing. It brings back memories of how your parents were very protective of you when you were a kid. Most of us have grown up in this gritty reality of life, and it brings back fond and cherished memories of childhood, happy, sad, all kinds of emotional flavours. It is seldom that such a simple yet profound theme is seen in movies, and this one such particular movie breaks all moulds of contemporary film making. It never reaches a dull point anywhere in the storyline, and the child artistes’ performances have to lauded for their natural acting, it doesnt hit me that they actually rehearsed at all, it just seems that that they recorded from a normal daily routine of a school going kid. After seeing this movie, I just felt like wanting to go back and relive some parts of my childhood again, that would definitely be one of the things I would be doing if there ever will be a time machine

On a ending note, without any doubt, one of best non english movies I have ever seen. Subtlety of childhood and growing up is redefined in this movie. Please try and catch hold of it on the world movies channel.



  1. First time visiting..and have seen that too 🙂 * aww sooo cuutee * You could try to get your hands on some Korean movies, if possible (My Little Bride/Innocent Steps/Seducing Mr Perfect *evil grin* ) They are just as cute too..Cheers!

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