Posted by: Prashanth Rajan | January 18, 2010

The philosophical bugle part two

NOTE: The views expressed below are strictly that of the author’s and I request people to refrain from arguments on the topic.

Off late I have been intrigued by the ideas of God and underlying philosophies. Okay, if you are agnostic, you have probably come to the wrong place buddy. You may or may not want to read this, and this is STRICTLY my view. I really do not appreciate the view that all atheists are rational thinkers. If you are really rational, you must also know that you cannot disprove a certain theory also. One might say that a rational thinker finds it difficult to understand God, but all things that require understanding are not based on rational thinking. In the sense, maybe by rational thinking you may not be able to prove God’s existence, but by failing to ‘observe’ him, can you disprove his existence ? It is as the great mathematician Kurt Godel once said – In any sufficiently complex logical system, there must exist statements that can neither be proven nor disproven. There is also another issue which is bothering me. How did the first person to believe in a God come about it ? No, please dont tell me just because they couldn’t understand the natural evolutionary process of science , they believed it to be a holy creation. And no , even though modern man finds great solace in an attribution of faith, I think the fundamental thinking of the first believer differed and his approach might have deviated from the above two reasons. I am inclined to think in this train of thought and simply do not worship God as to attribute faith or as a explainer of ‘Godly’ miracles which cannot be explained by science, but there is a reason which I cannot fully comprehend, which I know there is but cannot prove it. nor disprove it just because I cannot explain it rationally.

We all feel at peace, believing that there is a supreme one above us who will oversee life as we know it. After all, isn’t peaceful living what we always yearn for ? Call it faith, call it the reason for unexplainable happenings, but the fact is still there. None amongst us, no one can disprove God.



  1. Well God exists or not is a battle which can be resolved by God himself.
    For mortals like me, its just fine to believe that anything which can improve me and make me more human is worth holding on to.
    If believing in God makes me afraid of vices, I should be thankful to God.
    Likewise, if my subconscious rejects vices on its own just like the idea of God, it shouldn’t be considered wrong.
    Afterall, God is conjured up as a perfect entity and that is what God might want us to become eventually.

  2. To believe or not to believe in God, does he really exist, what led to his creation are arguments that can go on and on. With this you can divide the people into 3 categories – the believers, the non believers and indifferent folks. And among these, you can have various levels of beliefs; like, a believer might believe in God, and his presence, but might not approve all the rituals. So it is an individual’s stand point on what he wants and what will be his takeaway.
    It’s a belief that drives individuals.

  3. good write, quite thought provoking…echoes my thoughts in many ways!!

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