Posted by: Prashanth Rajan | January 27, 2010

We – The Indian Citizens

Hi ! My name is Sandhya Iyer and I will be guest blogging today on Prashanth’s Pandemonium. I write this on the 26th of January,2010 but I am sure that Prash, the lazy bugger that he is, will let me post on his blog only a day later.

Time 6.00 AM: The Alarm screams urging me to wake up, I snooze it a couple of times before waking up at 6.15, today is a holiday. But Yoga classes don’t declare national holidays. It was a little dark outside; I cursed the weather, picked my Durrie, and left for class.

I reached class, only to stare at the empty community hall. The girls who were supposed to learn from me came in 15mins late and I hate late comers. We performed the usual Asanas, a couple of mosquitoes decided to get their dues.  Nothing unusual about the day, at 7.45, the president of the association walked in and asked us to wait for another 15mins for the flag hoisting.

And, that’s when it struck me. Today is Republic Day- the day we declared ourselves; a sovereign, socialist, secular and liberal Nation. It’s been 60 long years since then. India has changed, so have the people and our priorities.

I faintly remember the last time I celebrated Republic day- today, they hoisted the flag, sung the national anthem, pledged that we’d be good Indian citizens, repeated some flag ceremony paragraph. While we repeated after the president, there was one term that got stuck in my peanut sized brain- Un-flinching loyalty towards my nation.

I must admit that it was quite a heavy duty term. What is un-flinching loyalty in the first place?

My bike was riding, and I was thinking…

We the Indian citizens are a funny bunch of people;

We have Universities of World class standard – but we have thousands of children who dream of just going to school.

We have the largest army – But we cannot protect our country from terror attacks, and communal riots.

We talk about India becoming the global superpower – thousands of farmers commit suicide every year owing to an irregular monsoon.

We talk about Corporate Social Responsibility – but we cringe when we see destitute children on the road.

We want equality of gender – talk about female infanticide, and domestic violence.

We want our citizens to be equal in the eyes of law- but we can get away with most crimes by just paying up a meager fine.

We talk about education on the basis of merit- but we have “reservations” for students on the basis of their social class.

We talk about global warming- and when nobody is watching us, we chuck a few wrappers on the road.

We want a better nation- Yet, none of us will vote.

So and so forth..

All of us want change, but nobody wants to take that step to make things happen.

Are we a nation of indolent people who just talk and never walk the talk?

And… thinking about all this, I stopped at the signal. I had no helmet, did not carry my license and there was a police mama standing right there waiting for his cash prize of 100rs. Well, I’m a smart Indian Citizen, just when the lights turned green, I whizzed past him.

We the Indian Citizens are truly an amazing race of people.

Jai Hind!



  1. There are always contradictions in each and every democracy. Fallacies are made use of and no nation’s governing policies can be made more flexible unless loopholes are taken care of.

  2. I just hope there are no more rathores, even if there are they must be brought to justice immediately

  3. Hey Methinks We Can Bounce To The Top Of The World Only If We HAve All Indians Here In India Rather Than Silicon Valley

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