Posted by: Prashanth Rajan | January 31, 2010


Roger ! Oh Yeah ! An amazing final nothing short of master’s play. What an exciting 2 weeks of tennis ! Swiss magic yet again ! The final score read 6-3,6-4,7-6 but Murray brought out the best from Roger. Murray succumbed to pressure and let go of crucial set points in the third set. I feel very sorry for Murray though. He did not find any words for his runner-up speech. Certainly Murray is the future of tennis but Roger at his prime is unstoppable. May Fedex win more and more slams ! Go ROGER !



  1. Federer rocks!!!! It is so nice to see him win grandslams…What I really admire about him is that he is such a ‘CLASS ACT’ on and off the court…The guy is a legend and we are so lucky to watch him play…Thanks for the post Prashanth!

  2. He is my numero uno idol !! 🙂

  3. Mine too!!!! Simply adore him!!! 🙂

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