Posted by: Prashanth Rajan | February 13, 2010

Chandigarh Hues

Roamed in Chandigarh for a day, did some component shopping and some ‘sight’seeing. Went to this really expensive restaurant at sector 9. Ambience was good, page 5 socialities thronged with BMWs and AUDIs.  Prices skyrocketed, burning a hole in my pocket.

Attractive pricing

I ate the second item on the plate, found out it was just 3 pieces of momos cooked very good

The 80 bucks, 4 spoon chocolate ice cream 😦 [read bavarian chocolate, but swear i have eaten better at Baskin Robbins ]

Finally a good thing about this not-so-bad place :

Cheers !



  1. Pretty innovative way to write a blogpost there!

  2. hi i have been trying to post my comments on LIFE, OR SOMETHING LIKE IT…..its not happening. do tell me how to go about it.
    and thanks for dropping by my blog.

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