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The warrior’s journey

This piece of literary work (so-called) can be found lurking in the ‘My documents’ folder of my PC.  I am a bit of a mediocre writer, and I hope to enrich my vocabulary and writing skill without compromising on any aspect. As a consequence, the writer in me had a dream. A big dream, which is at its infancy, has not yet taken shape, but is still very much in the grey cells of my cerebrum.  This is a sneak preview of the undisclosed fantasy novel (which I hope to finish before I turn 30). And Yes, I know. Tolkien is immortal. I am a mere mortal but I hold him to be my biggest source of inspiration and I hope one day I could match up to atleast 10% of his caliber, which I am sure will make my novel a best-seller.

Chapter &&&

Deep in the crevices of the purblind abyss, the animal approached surreptitiously, undetected by its prey. The long biting colds of the cruel December night had done well to camouflage the mighty sabretooth. A quiet lingering shadow brought up xxxx’s rear, but he was only too bothered by the uninviting cold. He felt a need for an immediate crevice, a shelter to brave this excruciating acclimatization. All of a sudden, he stopped short of his tracks. He could feel his pulse increasing. He heard the slow deep panting of a creature approaching slowly behind. Only too cautiously, he turned to steal a small glance. A big figure of darkness pounced. A hollering shriek. The sabretooth had overpowered xxxx with a long leap, pinning him down to the soft green plain beneath. Its long fangs dug deep in his flesh, causing him to writhe in pain and anguish.  Blood gushed out in small spurts, oblivious of the freezing cold that surrounded the predator and its prey in circular mists. He soon started gasping for breath, his mind shrouded by disbelief that he was to brave another battle. His realms were being knocked out of his senses. The magnificent beast had pinned down its prey in a perfect stance.  Visions blurred. The cacophony of its shriek echoed in his ears. He felt all his efforts of reprisal fall in vain. He could feel his consciousness slipping away. He could feel lightness in his head. He was in a dream.

She was as youthful and sparkling as he remembered. He could remember a lonely tear escape her cheek, when he heard himself say that he had to leave Veradon, his kingdom at that time for only the better good.

“Farewell, my prince”, she said with a low unwavering tone, her fingers caressing his cheeks.

“I will come back before you know it, my fair lady”, answered xxxx while turning to leave. She caught hold of his hand, refusing to let go of it before giving him what she would yearn for in a long time. Her lips found his. Slowly at first, her hands ruffling through his soft dark hazel tresses, her cheek pressed against his, only to find that his cheeks were moist with lonely tears as well. She smelled of a lavender rose in full bloom at spring time, he thought to himself. His arms wrapped around her slender and graceful girth, she wondered if she could share more magical moments with him till the end of time.

Only now he could smell the unpleasant breath of the monster that lay above him. “I will not die”, he heard himself shriek. A sharp slender stone found his right palm. With one momentary swish, he swung the stone as it struck its sharp pointy edge against the beast, blinding it in its left eye. The sabretooth backed, giving a shrill cry, and a moment to recover for its prey. xxxx was badly bruised and beaten, but still found the energy to grab his long thirsty blade yearning for blood from the sheath of his armor. With strong gusts blowing deep, he gobbled up air and took long strides, pouncing swiftly and powerfully. A radical twist of the arm, and the long silver blade had found its mark. It had pierced deep in the heart of the predator. A loud and foul cry it cried vehemently, rendering the beast powerless, making it fall down with a resounding thud. He had won the battle, but not the war. What dangers lay ahead, he knew naught.



He limped his way towards the end of the abyss, preparing himself for the cliffs that lie ahead. Behind him, he could see the sun glimmer its rays through gray thickets of fog. “Ah ! The night has come to an end finally” he heard himself exclaim. Sharp yellow rays found his path, emblazoning it with a fiery morning red and a refreshing change of uneasy dissonance. Circles of eagles swooped down the abyss, they had found their morning meal.

Agile yet cautious, he took small strides on the perilous paths that beckoned him. Long trees perched on dangerous cliffs marked either of his way, and one wrong footing could mean the difference between life or death.  The morning had envisaged the trees to be a blanket of mist, their natural color being enshrouded by an uneasy yet pleasant frigidity.

___ End Of teaser___



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