Posted by: Prashanth Rajan | February 22, 2010

Writer’s Block

It’s just one of those days. Those incorrigibly petulant days. Its been a long time since you last blogged, and you feel disconnected from the blogosphere. What needs to be understood is that it is perfectly understandable to not have anything on your mind to blog about. But what gives me the kicks is I fail to comprehend how people just blog on perfectly oscitant topics and get away with it. Add to your bandwagon some GRE words and a equally cynical title for the post. Voila ! Isn’t that one of common tested and proved formulae for attracting more and more readers to a starved blog site ? This makes me think of the threshold levels of blogging. It lets me take a back-seat and ponder upon the necessitating compulsion to blog.

3 Basic simple RULES :

  1. Dont just pick up a topic you think you can write a lot about.
  2. Never come up with a cynical title with the pulp of the content failing to measure up to the gist of the title.
  3. Write only when you feel the words coming straight from your heart, and not because you haven’t blogged in a long time.

All the other rules you follow just puts you on a pedestal to being a better writer. Anyways coming back to the title, the author of this post is suffering from that block, is tempted to put pictures of beautiful females to attract viewership, or even put youtube music videos/ funny content, but the blogger in me abides by a mutual honor I share with some of my fellow bloggers.A code of respect.

It is perfectly alright to have a writer’s block- If you have nothing on your mind, it is alright to be absent on the blogging circuit. You can always come up with short stories/ poems to describe abstract feelings that you possess. Which is exactly what the author of this post is thinking of.



  1. And you just did what you said not to do to the fellow bloggers.

    Ha ha ha

  2. Ha ha ha… irony is a nice 5 letter word.

  3. How do you find time for all this? I have been having this “writer’s block” for some years now !

    I had to even change my blog site name to make it look more professional !!

    And yes, initial days, new to blog, lots of crap posts were put up … Gone are those days where we wanted viewership, we sort of belong to an unique club of bloggers !!

    BTW, the entire reason for visiting your blog was to inform you and ask you to put up the web2rank thing and see where you stand… its interesting stats.. you can get the link to the ranking site from my blog. This is the same one which ranked humorist blogger (chronic writer)

  4. Well what do I say? the ‘block’ IS a scary thing man..and it scares me enough to make me think I can’t write again, ever :-/ because all that I come up with, when I supposedly am suffering from it, turn out to be useless shit :-/ so the self confidence drops. the big Q is to write or not to write with it. this too shall pass!

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