Posted by: Prashanth Rajan | February 28, 2010

Sachin Tendulkar- A divine conception

199 Not Out- A billion people watch clinging on to their nerves, few close their eyes chanting prayers, few have their hearts pulsating to no limit. South African bowler Charl Langeveldt runs in to bowl. Only DeVilliers and a few fellow South Africans might have felt what Langeveldt was going through.Moments of silence. Sachin pats a clever low ball on to the off side to take up a single. The moments that follow are sheer moments of godly happiness. Such a elation, such happiness, such a celebration of joy. He has done it. The first batsman to score a 200 in the One day international version of the game. And it has come from Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. All this coming at a time when talks of possible demises of 50-50 due to 20-20. It couldn’t have come at a better time.

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar (Marathi: सचिन रमेश तेंडुलकर [səʨin rəmeˑɕ t̪eˑɳɖulkər]; born 24 April 1973, Mumbai, India. Right handed bat, 5’5 . Aptly one of the greatest sportspersons India has produced. No matter how many people sing praises in honor of Sachin, it still won’t do justice to the greatness that this man has achieved. No other single sportsman has created an impact of this sort. The tension in the air once he comes out to bat, billions hoping that he wouldn’t get out, hoping that he would stay at the crease scoring heap of runs steering India to safety, the moments that follow cannot be described by mere words.  His statistics do only to further justify his greatness. Inspiring millions across the world,  Sachin has been a global icon and a role model for youth for many years now, and will be for many decades to come. Half of the Indian squad currently playing are cricketers because they were inspired by Sachin. Transcending borders , cultures and religions, cricket has done to millions what secularism and patriotic feelings have. A muslim may not have much to talk to a Hindu, but put both the strangers in a environment where Sachin is batting, and the moment you see him drive one to the fence, you can see the both of them together jumping in elation and sharing their happiness and joy. A simple sweeper will have as much reason to celebrate with a rich businessman, both enjoying the cricket action on a busy roadside TV. This is the sort of national integration that this sport can create here in India. People unite and celebrate a common event breaking all barriers of religion, language, creed and caste. And people like Sachin make things like this possible. He has put India on the world map for inspiring millions through cricket. And he has put the future of Indian cricket on a pedestal. Two perfect strangers from different parts of the country can be seen rejoicing together over a century by Sachin. A young tot somewhere in the borders of Maharashtra will know who Sachin is. “chakka !, chakka !”, he proclaims everytime Sachin comes on to bat. Sachin has enthralled a billion Indians for over 2 decades now, giving us reason to celebrate to cheer and filling us with heaps of joy many a time. So this gives us all the more reason to cheer when such a mammoth feat has been accomplished by our own Tendiya. No one else worthy enough to scale the feat.

My good friend Srikkanth Iyer shares his experience on the recent milestone accomplished by the master- “I was traveling from Bangalore to Mumbai the day when Sachin scaled the peak. from Lonavala to thane. That was when Sachin flew from 128 to 200*. Dint have an fm or china mobile to watch the DD telecast  but my co passengers and myself we took turns to call our friends and live that innings. You might see that innings as a statistical heap. But it sure did give immense joy to myriad people on that compartment. There were hoards of people,  from vada pav vendors to chikki sales guy. There was a limbless toyseller. A railway toilet cleaning contractor was distributing feedback forms about his work, ticketless school kids travelling. The TTR, a senior citizen lady with 108 beaded rosary in her hand, doing japas!  I’m sure the music of Ravishankar or Bismillah khan or even MS wouldn’t have given as much joy as that innings and look on each ones face showed it all. I’m not saying. Ahh this is the heights of national integrity and blah blah , but after a hard day’s work on the 24th of Feb atleast 60% of the nation I am damn sure forgot all the stress and experienced a feel that’s inexplicable (does it account as public service! stress buster for a million people with one does  surely sound like one helluva service ) Its never going to make any difference to us if Sachin gets a Bharat Ratna or not, but you can’t take the fact away that he is an inspiration to most of them.”

Talking about Sachin brings back fond memories of nostalgia to me, and every cricket buff alike. The days we postponed our dinners, sitting glued to our TV sets, inviting constant heaps of grumbling from mothers so that we could watch Sachin finish the match. The days we had our seats over our neighbors’ compound walls so that we could watch the master blaster’s action along with friends and strangers alike, sharing moments of happiness and sadness. The numerous number of occasions we had to stall in traffic jams just because Sachin could complete his century. Frantic struggling among hordes of people on pavements amidst broad sunlight to catch glimpses of cricket on road-side television, that feeling is truly exhilarating. Nothing beats like watching cricket with frenzied fans with every four and six greeted with deafening cheers. A equally opposite feeling of disappointment every time Sachin gets dismissed very cheaply. Those years when Sachin dispatched Warne’s balls for sixers with intimidating front foot hits. Those tension filled innings against Australia in Sharjah, the innings of around 140 on his birthday.Those nerve cracking moments when Sachin used to be in the 90’s and you went into the kitchen once a AD was on to grab a quick snack so that Sachin could finish his hundred. I am truly living out all those memories in my head. Thanks Sachin. Thanks for all these beautiful memories that you have created for us.

Is Sachin a Indian jewel ? Hands down , without doubt, he is. I am proud to be living in this era of Sachin, watching him knock down balls down the green fields with elegant straight drives, dispatching every bad ball over the fence, inviting cheer from billions alike. Purists may argue that he being a sportsman, some question remains as to whether he should be awarded the Bharat Ratna or not. In any case, the award would have gone to him even if he had been dismissed for a duck in the Gwalior ODI. This feat just happens to be a feather in the cap. Morever, if the award does constitute the country’s highest civilian honor, it must go to Sachin. Without any figment of doubt.  I am honored to be a cricket fanatic and I say this- Sachin, you are truly a divine conception.



  1. The greatest player! Glad to be part of his era. And time and again, he has dismissed the idiots (who call themselves critics) and proved them wrong with their calls for his retirement.

  2. faaduuuuuuu mahn..
    awesome blog…

  3. **hail Sachin!!**

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