Posted by: Prashanth Rajan | March 16, 2010

Parikrama @ NIT-H

15th March, 2010 – It was D-day for NIT-H heavy metalomaniacs. The clock struck 20.00 to a roaring applause from around 2000 odd die-hard fans. Parikrama had set the stage on fire. The Open air theatre went mad with decibel levels going haywire. This was their night. The day the metal freaks had longed for. And the wait was well worth it. The two hours odd performance left the audience screaming for more. Apparently, Parikrama needs no introduction. They are India’s best. No doubt. With tributes ranging from AC-DC, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Pink Floyd, Deep purple, Porcupine tree, Coldplay, it couldn’t have gotten better. Necks were sprained, Backs ached, it was a crazy night, and the lucky students in the front row (me included) of NITH were treated to the metal fest with the air of the electric guitars undulating through their ears and the band’s fiery aggressive tempo breathing down their necks.

The final years had a perfect send-off treat. The alumnus so wish they had been here, after all, a Parikrama concert is not something you get to see every day, and that too for free! The important thing is on the night of 15th while it was just another day for most of the others, we were there. We were there when the heads started rollin. We were there when the decibels started hitting sky-hi. We were there when all hell broke loose on NIT-H. And it was far above spectacular! An awesome gig by India’s foremost rock band. Rock on Parikrama ! \m/ You are the best!!



  1. parikrama rocked dat night…… 😀

  2. Time for them to enter our college now. =)

  3. cool !!! have fun !!!

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