Posted by: Prashanth Rajan | May 8, 2010

Of Paranthas and Aloo sabjis – 1

This post is dedicated to a best friend of mine, who has been constantly pestering me to write a blog post about NIT culture. I told him I would write one, next year, as it would be apt but the impatient guy he is, he said 3 years are enough. So here goes.

With the advent of students migrating towards residential colleges, those studying in city engineering colleges might wonder how different our lives are from theirs. Apart from the curriculum and other sane matters, this is not just a run-of-the-mill scenario where one just blabbers about the differences. Actually it is, but what the hell, just read it anyway.

Many of you would agree with the fact when I say that the first years are among the best years. No PC, no previous experience of this culture, all those kids bustling with enthusiasm on the scene. This enthu gets skewed somewhat as your years progress.

Apart from the usual (almost non-existent now a days) ragging scenario, you would find us mocking mess food generally at any part of the day, that it is rather cool to visit the canteen and other food kiosks than being a ‘fuddu’ and being a regular visitor to the mess, just to prove a point that your mess bill doesn’t go to waste. Whoah, this is not a scathing attack on those individuals, mess food does get rather good at times ( read chole batura and aloo poori), but generally the rotis are a bit of the drag, and it would give a stiff competition to the papads at times.

Hostel PC gaming is on a all time high during the sophomore years, and one might get flabbergasted at the intensity with which some games are played, inviting constant abuses with other synonyms of the F-word( game read ‘Counterstrike’). Other games include AOE, NFS, DOTA and others. Computer OSes often thrive either with the brainchild of Bill Gates or the rather cool and suave-to-have Linux. Open source popularity was on a high when I was in the first year, I heard it was a bit more popular in 2007 when Richard Stallman paid a visit to the campus. Anyways, it would be cool if someone popularized Mac, my cousin gave a preview and I was like “Whoah”.

Other constant fallacies include the lack of females in the scene. Ok, maybe I exaggerated here, NIT-H does have its fair share of females, but I thought it would be rather cool to make engineering colleges having a dearth of females. I remember this funny quote from a senior of mine- As Narayan Swamy would say it,”NIT-H has only males and non-males”. Regardless of the ‘non-male’ factor, you can find love birds thronging kiosks and other hangouts once the classes are off.

Now for all of you who have been a part of the NIT culture at Hamirpur, you would know that it takes a humongous effort to go from Point A to Point B (politically correct way of saying from Insti to Gandhi Chowk, and vice versa). And it gets rather disturbing when you go on a bike to the town and only to find your tire become flat as Pamela Anderson’s profile before she took a visit to Silicone valley.( Ok, the time taken for the shock and the Pamela thoughts to wear off are nearly the same). I don’t know for what sane reason Paneer is a huge sensation here, you go to the hotel Paradise or any other hotel , you would find constant variants in the genre.

Lets imagine a situation this way- Mr.X gets up at 8 am in the morning, grabs his nearest piece of clothing that has survived the last Holi, catches hold of a couple of books, misses the sometimes somewhat tasty aloo paranthas and heads out to college. (College here starts at 8.30 in the morning generally, for the senior years it’s a bit relaxed though). He then skims through the classes, sleeping half way through them or either bunking them with a laborious and meticulous planned proxy through his trusted friends. After classes, it is either

  1. Sports
  2. Hanging around with friends to the nearest joint
  3. Goes to his room, watches a movie/surfs net/ plays the games.

Studying usually starts 1-2 weeks before the actual exams, and the time period is rather disproportionate to the number of years you study here. Exams are a bit pain in the b***, especially when you are comfortably seeped into this vicious system of control, put the soothing laziness infused culture.   As time progresses, you start treating them with lesser respect . Hell, one of my seniors even went to his last exam drunk(Hope I don’t get  blasted for this).

(To be continued at a later stage)!



  1. So true, but I guess, something is missing. What about the non-bathing habits that you have acquired?

    and the nocturnal culture.
    Its going to be a fond memory after these 4 years are over.

    • That is why it is adeptly called Part one 😉 .. Am not willing to leak out my bathing habits so soon to the world 😀

  2. And you forgot to mention how you rushed into so called non-males and still single after so much of efforts…

    • It was not a ‘effort’. And I had rather not discuss about private lives esp when it has no relation with the matter at hand. And I am not desperate for a non-male anyways :P. So zen.

  3. Really good man..I am wondering what is to come in the sequences. Birthday bums..

  4. Hey its really good that u stilll remember the old times. Anyway, I will definitely pass this BLOG message to all our mates. A good write up .

  5. Awesome man!! I’m almost done with college life.. and now all I can do is talk about it to the little ones around me and bask in its glory with my friends!

    Good luck with the last few years of education. Crib about it, swear at it and do whatever you want- bottom-line is – you will eventually miss it!

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