Posted by: Prashanth Rajan | December 29, 2010

The other face of fame

This may sound sinister, but my premonition has everything to do with the other side of celebrities. Lets face it, over the decade we have seen dozens and dozens of celebs having to face the wrath of infamy. Actors crumbling with their new found fame having a sense of immaturity that they have their darker side revealed to the public thanks to the what-cha-call-it papparazzi. Be it our loved popstars like Britney Spears or A.J.McLean (Backstreet Boys), their morally reprehensible behaviour has left a sour taste not only in the publics’ minds but also aspiring stars who took them for their inspiration. The worst thing is their career irrevocably goes on a decline. Spears’s songs are almost unlistenable now with the heavy introduction of beats and immature trance like sounds. It is like someone forced her to being a 12 year old school girl again. The music is bad, and to be politically correct, Spears seems to be running short on clothes. Lets not even go to BSB. The Backstreet Boys were the chartbuster circa 2000 AD. I started listening to English music thanks to MTV and the Backstreet Boys. Then someone like AJ had to screw everything up, BSB takes a hiatus, They make a comeback with limited success and the music is sadly nothing like ever before. This so called media frenzy feeds on such stories.The repugnant yet somewhat drug-like-intoxicativeness is something the world will never grow tired of . People regrettably like you and me like to feed on gossip. It is like a cancer which we are not sick to grow out of. Whether it is Indians trying to find out what SRK is upto or whether Aamir Khan had really named his dog Shahrukh. Oh, geez, lets not go into that. I don’t want SRK fans after my neck.

On one side, we have celebrities whose lives have seen a sober turn of events, and on the other hand we have gifted artisans, be it directors, actors who have a sorry tale in their personal lives due to their own actions, but still have an amazing balance and churn out masterpieces in their respective fields. Acclaimed movie director Roman Polanski may be a pedophile and for the crimes he has done, he deserves the punishments meted out to him and perhaps even more, but that doesn’t stop me from applauding and appreciating ‘The pianist’ which in my opinion is one of the finer movies made on the World War stories. Mel Gibson may be a racist but his movies are in good stead, be it ‘Apocalypto’ or ‘Braveheart’. Rockstars of yesteryears are known having trysts with drugs and sex, but that did not let their music crumble. Somewhat they learnt to keep their Mr.Hyde under control and have more of the Dr.Jekkyl persona in part.

Year after year, we hear some celeb or the other who is a victim of drug-abuse, substance abuse, but the ones which gave me the most heartbreak was legendary pop king MJ and gifted actor Heath Ledger, who with his portrayal of Joker in Nolan’s ‘The Dark Knight’ has immortalized himself amongst great villains. This makes me ask myself a question. Did we (the media) are morally responsible ? Where do we draw the line ? Maybe people want to find out what the darker side of their stars are . But the bigger question is ? Why do we even want to ? If immature and young upcoming celebs don’t know how to handle fame and let media scrutinize and take apart their private life, then it will obviously affect their life in an alarmingly apprehensive way. Celebs will often crumble once their infamy is known to the world. Although it is only somewhat fair that if someone commits a crime, then it is despicable and such a thing has to be accounted for. A media scrutiny is alright in this case. But what about the times when celebs undergo personal downs, like various self abuses and sometimes incorrigible wardrobe malfunctions ? What purpose does it serve to the public ? It will only bring down the level and cause more hurt to their personal lives. And this is the stinking world we live in. A world where we refuse to grow up, happily living with the overdose of everything that we are subjected to and even craving for more.

The media needs a major overhauling. Period.



  1. Well true, I liked songs like ‘Incomplete’ and ‘Helpless when she smiles’, but its really heartening to see that the music in them is either getting too monotonous or just dying out. And yes, media can be held responsible for their lowest low sometimes, for uncovering what they have been trying to hide.
    And if we look to them as idols, I think its not the person, but the art that we must seek. Everyone’s imperfect, except God. So, we got to give it to em, their life, at least.

  2. I think, power possessed by Media needs to be under check. Secondly, don’t expect people good at their profession to be good in their personal life. Unfortunately, both would get mixed up inevitably and would be looked at that angle.

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