Posted by: Prashanth Rajan | August 23, 2011

Shades of grey and black

Alright. It seems like gazillion of years back the last time I logged into wordpress, and the sound of  fast fingers tap away at the keyboard is always something which I will embrace. If you didn’t know already, the country I am living in is undergoing a revolution of sorts. All the while, I only hope that this brings about a positive change. After all, to effectively bring about change, there MUST be revolution. There was a similar demonstration over corruption in Hong Kong in the 70s, and right now Hong Kong is one of the cleanest economies in the world.Indians all over the world are expressing solidarity with Anna over the Jan Lokpal bill, which has been the hot topic of discussion on all types of media for quite a while now, but most notably over the past week. The civil society’s bill has its own share of critics, the latter stating the reason of over vesting of powers in one body to be a reason and questioning whether the people supporting Anna have actually read and understood the bill thoroughly. All I know is this- even though the understanding the Jan Lokpal bill is not rocket science, people don’t have to be told understanding the whole implications of the bills is a pre requisite for supporting Anna’s campaign against corruption. People from all walks of life- bus conductors, truck drivers, from the tea stall owner to the enterpreneur, from the simple watchman to the industrialist, all of them have inevitably bore the brunt of corruption. And for all we know the perpetrators do get royal treatments after being imprisoned. After all, isn’t this a country where we take eons to bring justice to a criminal such as Kasab ? Saying all this, the people understand that supporting the  civil society’s bill is something which they can do.  People do realize that instead of a improbable fairytale youth-joining-politics-cleaning story, this is something that they can support. I am not blindly saying that the Jan Lokpal bill will be the solution to all our problems, it will be a trial and error method, and the transparency of its functioning is at the soul of its pulp. Sadly, I only hope that people understand a need for such a bill completely before coming to conclusions and criticizing without rational thinking. Nobody wants to pay mammoth prices for simple commodities in the future. And the current government has failed to do just that. From innumerable scams to the false promises and pretension to the poorest of  farmers from an uneducated leader like Rahul Gandhi who has come into power by virtue of inheritance. The buck does not stop there. Anyways, let me not go into further slamming the government which almost everyone actually does now a days. I am not saying that the Jan Lokpal bill will clean out corruption from the face of India, but atleast it is a giant step in the right direction.

I think of blogging to be a space where I can shout my views out. Say what is on my mind. Like having a small group of people in a circle and it is your turn to share your views on life. Apart from the social commentary that sometimes I would like to give, I also like to comment on what is eating up my life in a small, eventful way. So over the past 2 years, where it has been pretty much a on-off switch for the writer in me, I must say that writing is not a easy task. No, I am not saying about the famed writer’s block, I am alluding to the problem that first time novelists face. There are a lot of ideas swirling in my head, probably waiting to be put down on paper before it goes into oblivion. But the problem is I am also prudent enough not to make my writing sound cliche. To have written something and maybe have a reader say- ‘Hey, this looks familiar’. Believe me, that is not a pretty thing to hear, especially for a writer.In fact I want to make sure that this is not something they would have expected, to keep the reader keep guessing beyond the obvious and to make my writing far different from the usual perspective. That is what has been eating most of my time. To blend wit and imagination and make something sound different, but maybe explaining the same in a different depth- I have been working on this.I have started writing in a non linear fashion, probably from a heavy influence of movies, which I say is a sword with a double-edge. If you did understand the complications of such a sword. I have always been an ardent fan of contemporary cinema. I can appreciate Hitchcock’s thrillers to Spielberg’s sci-fi fictions, Nolan’s intellect to Martin Scorcese’s screenplay, from Kubrick’s cinematography to Peter Jackson’s rich attention to detail. But I never deemed myself worthy enough to be one capable of writing a movie review. I read many of Roger Ebert’s reviews and I say to myself maybe I should not be writing one. Somewhere, something is holding me back. Maybe telling me that I shouldn’t be writing movie reviews because I do invariably suck at it. Anyways, I do wonder when the writer in me can have a confidence perk. Like a very morale encouraging pat on the back telling me to let go. Not be afraid of the rejection waiting to pounce in on me once my work is out. I am not stuck with plots, I have a intricate set of maps over which I intend to give a plot a sub-direction. I do have a difficulty imagining names and keeping the reader interested with the protagonist’s journey. Making fight sequences and romantic encounters sound interesting is something that took me lesser time. Ahem, do not even  bother pondering the reason for that.

Contrary to many reader’s opinion that Tolkien in ‘The Lord of the Rings’ probably may have bored his readers to an extent, I do believe the build ups to his characters were excellent- Strider, Gandalf and many others. Beyond a point, I guess that is where the core of good writing essentially lies- To make the reader imagine in his/her own way the perception and the depth of the character. To have those words magically create sequences of thought from which you can play a movie in your own head. I am proud fan of Tolkien, awed with his imagination and the whole Middle earth fiction database is something which I think can never be matched. If it weren’t for LOTR, both the books and the movies, I would have never started writing in the first place. So if you are a writer/like reading fantasy novels, do share your opinions and possible difficulties. Or the parts of a novel that you may have read and felt maybe that writer could have done better- and why you think that way. Adios, this is pacific ocean signing off. Prashanth in Sankrit means peaceful. And considering I can give former English cricketer Flintoff a good comparison in terms of ‘vastness’ or rather broadness explains the the later part of the moniker 😀



  1. Hey, a post well written, on the national issue and the personal viewpoint of being a first time novelist too.
    Perhaps, movies are meant for entertainment, and it’s all dependent on our appetite of sorts and genres what moves we choose and which we ridicule. But on the writing front, I do believe that the authors who do some pretexts in character build up do a fine job, because then only are we really imagining with ourselves in the boots of the writer.

    Hope to see more regular write ups on this page.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. Thanks a lot Anshul ! 🙂 I hope I keep writing a lot before work finally kicks in 🙂

  3. First things first, great to see an update after eons! I’m glad you can still type coherent sentences 😉
    Now coming to the topic of discussion – This really sounds like a revolution in the making, but if only the older generation takes a cue. It takes a million people to start a revolution man, and movies are a little too exaggerated. if something like that were to happen, then Shankar and Rakesh Mehra would be the torch bearers of the society. But as normal powerless citizens we can only participate and hope that things turn around for the good.

  4. Your posts are phenomenal and stellar. They can be very instrumental in prevailing upon the populace to rethink and reconsider the lesser known facts. Congratulations and please do nourish the author in you and contribute more. 🙂

  5. Haha You flatter me ! Thanks Sanjay ! Hope to see you start your own blog 🙂 Am on a continuous process of improving my vocab and your blog would be a good impression 🙂

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