Posted by: Prashanth Rajan | March 3, 2012

Fat and Happy.

Are we really being overwhelmed by this so-called definition of ‘normalcy’ ? I would like to posit on one particular aspect – The body.Why do we look at cinema stars who don six packs and zero figures and supposedly believe that is normal ? Why isn’t normal to just be yourself? Thin or fat or bulky or underweight. I always believed its perfectly alright to be proud of our bodies.Hritik, you are not doing anybody a favor by advertising a walking muscle factory. It would be just better off if you stuck to good acting. That’s it. Pronto to Bipasha. Wish she had stuck to improving her acting skills instead of showcasing her geometrical contours. The problem is we are so obsessed with cinema that we strive to be ‘cool’ or atleast someone else’s definition of cool. It is somewhat disturbing to the extent that youth now a days strive not to be fit, but don a six pack. Just like Shahrukh, or say not to forget the shirt hating Salman. And they are ready to go the extra mile- Why ? To be ‘cool’ ? Give me a break guys. If I were ever to look at cinema, I would like to see how they act, how they fit the character’s mould. It would be irrelevant to deride a cinema based on the fitness levels of the protagonist.

For all I know I was always overweight ever since I was a kid. Yeah, you get the occasional ridicule while as a kid but I was never depressed or anything because I was fat. You only get to realize that there is more to life than worry about stuff like these. And if I ever wanted to shed kilos, it would be for the right reasons- for leading a healthy lifestyle, not because I wanted a six pack or to woo a girl. As far as I know, I can still overpower the average goon and outrun the average human(no Jamaicans please). Am I fat ? Yup. Do I care ? No. Am I fit ? (A resounding Yes). That is all that matters.Image



  1. Prash, I Totally agree with what you’ve written. People have equated being skinny with a lot of absurd things. They obsess over the oomph factor, nobody emphasises on being healthy though.. :-/

  2. Well… I do agree that we shouldn’t be having too much concern about how we look, I would suggest we dont have a belly too big…

  3. Cant agree more Prash. And very well written.

  4. Great post and very true.

  5. totally agree. and there is this one more thing – looks! gosh! people are just too narrow minded to see beyond than what reaches the eye. Even if we don’t care there are people surrounding us who are just so stupid to think we care! great post, really.

  6. @Sandy – seriously, being healthy is underrated now a days…
    @Shreeji – Agree with you. Way too much importance is given to physical appearances and our actors are not doing any favors by endorsing it. Misplaced priorities and focus of the Arts. I say.

  7. @Supreeth – As long as you don’t look like a mini sumo wrestler 😀 😀

    @Shashank – Thanks man !

    @Elvie – Thanks !

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