Posted by: Prashanth Rajan | March 13, 2012

A fan review: (500) days of summer

Ok. This one is long overdue. I first chanced upon this wonderful movie when I was in the sixth semester of college. I can say without regrets that this is the BEST movie I have seen about Love till date. Let me tell you why.


Firstly, I am not going to laud the movie from a film-buff’s point of view and let me tell you that many of my friends did not like the movie because of what happens in the end(SPOILER ALERT). But this movie was just beyond the conventional algorithmic guy-gets-girl-in-the-end types.Anyways, let me tell you that apart from the gritty non-linear story telling, amazing acting by the lead actors Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel and great music and visuals, this movie hits you right in the heart, not because it is different from cliche. With each viewing, I learn more and more. The technicalities apart, I like the movie because it is not preachy, in a way that it is subtle but it is also so deep in substance and the brittleness and reality of Life. That it is alright for a man to be sentimental and not be the hard emotionless cold hearted casanova that other movies and popular culture generally portray our clan to be. (Men are under-rated !) That the hero’s young sister displays a maturity far beyond her age- which is kind of humorous, and the very witty jokes and realities that encompass the movie.That it is alright to fall in love, be in a relationship, break up, mope over it for a period.But that it is also important to cling on to whatever makes you happy – in this case the protagonist takes up to what he knows best- Architecture. Likewise it is important to take your mind off, go unwind, and not just to mope around forever. That it is nice to believe that you might meet the one anywhere, that sense of ‘hope’, knowing that she might be anywhere in this world, and you might come across her in a ‘butterfly effectesque’ kind of way. But more importantly, even though it is hard to go through all that sadness and that tumultuous phase, that we need to just move on with our lives, and one short life is too small to be squandered upon by repenting over the past. All said and done, I love this movie more than conventional romantic cinema, say because it is NOT a love story, but a story about love. Right ? And the fact that I have watched this movie over a dozen times and I felt compelled to tell everyone what I thought about the movie and why I loved it to the core. A must-watch for anyone who loves watching different cinema.

BTW God, where is my autumn ? 🙂 😛



  1. Nice and crisp review 🙂 Haven’t seen the movie, though.

    • Must-watch ! Get it from someone , or better download it ! Worth every MB 😀

  2. NIcely written and very upto the point. I agree men aren’t always the cold-hearted casanova types, but sometimes they put on that facade so that they don’t come across as weaklings.
    About Autumn – varuva, porumaya iru 😛

    • There are all kinds !

      • your blog is awesome, try to share more things, keep on blogging 🙂

  3. Great review! Brilliant vocabulary and tone 🙂
    Check out mine!
    All the best x

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