About the Author

The author of this blog is Prashanthos Rajanos, the only tam-brahm ever to have served for the spartans. He insists on calling himself blogger-emeritus even though no such post exists and keeps spreading rumors about how he used to pursue boxing when he was sixteen. To satisfy himself intellectually he frequently pursues social causes, his haircuts being one. When he finds time, he pursues his B.Tech in E&C at NIT-H.



  1. good and infermative. keep it my brother…

  2. hi im the girl from omegle…
    i just want to let u know that i really like ur thoughts on ur blog
    keep it up 🙂

  3. shud we keep the pikemen together or far apart?

  4. Sir how to escape an early attack of skirmisher and the enemy start building keep at near by my town centre
    attack start at 13.50 min after start of game
    please suggest me some thing

    • Do a patrol around your area early on. Invest in militia early and make sure you have a barrack full of men. Fight back. Get quicker with your own advancement. Use scouts and watch towers. Too little info you have given for a more detailed analysis of your situation.

      • Ah. Didn’t know you played AOE-2, Kaber. Wrote that AOE post long back and must admit quite a large chunk of the blog visits have been due to that post.

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