Posted by: Prashanth Rajan | June 7, 2007

Age of Empires II—-Game plan, Strategies and tips

AOE 2Age of Empires- one of the finest strategy games ever to be made… Age of Empires- The Age of Kings and the Conqueror’s expansion is a strategy loving gamer’s delight. Along with Cossacks, this game forever stands testimony to what could be called the best strategy game ever created…. With its computer AI more improved and tougher than the one in AGE OF KINGS,, i guess i could share my strategy with you folks out there…. This has been partly an offset of watching the computer’s own strategy while playing at the HARDEST level…. Here goes….

Building your economy—

The basic fundae are

__[ 1 ] you will have to keep creating villagers continously so that you collect resources at a very good rate.

–[ 2 ] you will have to progress to the next age as quickly as you can. FOR THIS____>

Make all the 3 villagers build 1 house exactly… make the scout cavalry discover 4 sheep/turkey near your town centre.If you try a bit harder, you must discover 2 +2 more sheep nearby. That makes it a total of 8 sheep. After building the first house, take 2/3 villagers from house building to collecting food from sheep. Remaining one villager should build 2 more houses .now all the villagers from town centre are directly rallied onto the food collection. food collection can continue till production of 15 villagers.If sheep and other sources run out, build a farm near the forage bushes, and then luring of wild boar near the farm or town centre can also be carried out. After population touches 15 ,set NEW villagers to collect wood. when population reaches 18, make 3 villagers build a house. and then collect wood as normal . I normally go to the feudal at around 11 mins with a population of 27/28. { If you have carried out all the steps correctly , you must have a population of around 26 in 10 minutes. }…Build a barrack in the dark age itself before progressing to the feudal age.
Once the forage bushes have run out , you must build farms. So make sure you have a sufficient amount of wood to supplement for farms as well as new buildings necessary for progressing to the next age. Build 2-3 stables as well as a market in the feudal age. Now instead of setting NEW villagers to collect gold and stone. transfer 5 + 5 woodcutters to collect stone and gold(in that order). NOw set the rally point of the town centre to collecting wood. I go to the castle age with a population of 35/38. You MUST reach the castle age within 22 mins. Now in the castle age , first build a castle near your town centre to protect your base. build an university and research murder holes.  Then build 2 other town centres near the centres of gold and stone. So that rallying from new town centres can be directed to the gold / stone collection. You must have had 3 stables in the feudal age. Soon after you go to the castle age, create knights as soon as you can. 15-20 knights will suffice and can hold in real good stead. now depending on your enemy’s attack , you can go into the imperial age real quick or delay it . but you have to be in imperial atleast before 38-40 mins. Now into the imperial , more villagers ( total villager population – 90 odd). build an army and keep advancing the technologies in imperial. (DO NOT  MAKE ANY ADVANCEMENTS IN CASTLE EXCEPT FOR MURDER HOLES). Now if you go as planned you will reach the population limit within 1 hr. Enjoy. After the first castle, to surprise the enemy send 4 villagers protected by 6-7 knights and build a castle near their base. ( not too near) . Also keep watch so that their villagers do not build a castle near your base. your knights should not be just idle after you create them. group wise dispatch and kill villagers cutting wood. you obviously cannot kill farmers as they might be near the town centres. woodcutters on the other hand would be far off from the town centres. this might make for an easy prey and slows down their economy. Keep practising at this level , play a lot of games and watch other multiplayer games to master distribution of villagers and strategies. Also do not keep too much of extra resources. Food and gold is ok. Use market well to distribute resources. I will try to upload some good multiplayer games played in my hostel. Have fun !

Army building and War strategies—

Each civilization has its own special abilities and you better keep a watch on the civilization tree to see what is best for you. Franks and Spanish are my favorites for most of the maps. warBut you would prefer Koreans if you want naval combat. Ok.. you are going to build an army that are effective against the opponent and are cheap.. never even bother to create infantry from barracks unless you want to strike early. This way you can save a lot of resources instead of upgrading. Build 2-3 stables and once you are in the castle age, create knights and upgrade them. They rule in close combat and move quite fast. Create even some skirmishers and archers. Archers cost you gold and food while skirmishers cost you just wood and food-which you will be having in surplus. NEVER keep your ranged units close to each other. Spread them out.This way it makes the opponent difficult to strike at you. There are several good combinations of armies. Army strengths and weaknesses later on in this post. build some seige onagers and have them placed near your walls. This way if your opponent sends an army and if they are not spread out, they are done for…. Build trebuchets only if you want to hunt down the enemy. Coming to docks, have an good number of galleys and supplement it with fast fire ships( Fast fire ships do good esp against viking longboats) . Cannon galleons are required to make final blows through naval combat. Have your fast fire ships protect the ranged ships esp the cannon galleons as they are quite costly. That almost does it for this section.



If you have a good regiment of horses, have your halberdiers(pikemen) protect them .

HEAVY scorpions are to be protected by horses – ( light cavalry a good option since they cost just food)

Elephants are VERY weak esp against pikes

Various other combinations can be understood by experience of playing and seeing the civilization map.





4. YOUR CASTLE UNIQUE UNIT + SUPPLEMENT with either short range powerful regiment or vice versa.


1. PIKES ARE GOOD AGAINST MOST OF THE MOUNTED UNITS( esp war elephants ) except cavalry archers and mongol mangudai.

2. SCORPIONS are good against most of the non MOUNTED units.( slow moving infantry)

3. CHAMPIONS are good against pikes.



1. PIKES WEAK TO onagers, scorpions, ranged mounted units and some good ranged infantry

2. Any Non ranged mounted unit weak againat the pikes


Tricks with the AI—

If you are under attack early and you are not ready yet, lure the enemy near your garrisoned town center. Also try and build some houses and 2-3 outposts in the direction of your enemy.( hey this does not work with humans– after all, humans are cleverer.. 😀 ). The AI will be busy attacking those units and you have a chance to get ready while they are not attacking your villagers. Keeping them distracted by this way really helps.. Ok then hope this section has helped you with your playing skills atleast a bit..




  1. And obviously people, keep adding villagers at every stage. At the end of advancing, have some 45+ villagers (the bot has around 70+) that is when you reach imperial age. Then you would have no worries with the wood or food. And relics, get them. Trade at your heart’s content and get some more gold, the distance is the key issue. Different civilization have different abilities and go through their plus and negatives and your way of building up the civilization before choosing them (I prefer Teutons,Huns and Britons) . Multiple docks is a necessity if you are on naval war.

    Take a good look at what castle units have to offer and the tech tree.

    If anyone could comment about the army formations and which unit would fare better against different units, that would be good. That a few of my friends should be able to do :D.

    And this is just one of the strategies, I use a slightly different strategy at the dark age comparing with what my brother has mentioned but it works out quite well. It all depends on how you balance the equation at the start.

    Do comment about which unit is better against other type of units.

  2. dai supreeth u and ur bro know so much and u were asking me???too much …. and to answer your question go refer the tech tree of each civ and all the info about which unit is better is given there.

  3. teutonic knights have weak pierce armor which makes them very vulnerable to archers….

  4. This topic was really informative for a rookie like me.Keep up the good work bro

    • It was awesome to learn that stuff, just won m shortest game ever, 1hr 24mins (longest is 3hrs 56mins) oh and because everyone else is stating their fav civ, Turks for me(or byzantines)

  5. Guess, I will start writing about the visions I have been having in my brain. Good post, a different one for a change. Or rather, a post out of sudden pulses of energy.

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  7. that is a noob strategy to go to castle age without army & 60 villagers

  8. updates on combinations. good good… and u seem to have hit a good page visits… 4400 .. too good.. keep it going..

  9. kya ghatia strategy hai ….60 vil ke sath castle jyega to 25 min se pehle nhi pahuch sakta(with standard resoures)…itne me to mere jaisa aisa knight rush marega ki tu to vhi resign kr dega….

  10. Cant you use cheat codes

  11. My game play has gone to a new level altogether… SHould play with frnds back home … ulag raghu arun will now face a tougher me… 🙂

  12. btw. it doesnt work out with muliplayers !!

  13. Hey,How to deal with Jannisary’s .What happens is that around 50 of them can actually fck any unit bad.
    A combination of Palladian and Jannisary is lethal.How to beat that?

    • skirmishers are the best way….as backup coz janiz have low p-armor. and keep something in front

    • use light cavalry to rush the jannisarys then roll in with a few onagers. use the cavalry for cover until you can get close enough to shoot them with catapults.

  14. Varun, I think the best way to fight a combination of janissary and paladin is camels.

    Take a good regiment of camels to fight such a combination.

    OR you can always try pikes+scorpions

    pikes take care of paladins
    scorpions take care of slow moving janissaries.

  15. Hello varun,

    i think this thread is like long ago.
    You can beat janissary with Samurai- japanese, they are too good against unique units.

    paladians with halbadiers.

    if u hook the teams up in wrong way, ur halbadiers are sitting ducks to janissary and sumurai can be fodder to paladians !!

    my best shot is to go byzantine cataphracts. Or war elephants 🙂 fuck their way !!

    elephants fuck anything on the way. even the castles cant be killing them .

    if you know to use onagers, 3 or 4 will wipe out the janissary. So, try to micromanage 🙂

  16. I think the best way to counter a combo of janis and palas is halbs + elite skirms (cheap and best). and yes… scorps + halbs are good too.

    as for the elephants, once massed, nothing can stop them. halbs + monks may prove helpful to slow down the elephants.

    btw… anyone interested in playing on gameranger? my nick: gAWd.

    • I think mamelukes + pike + scorps can do it pretty well. I have tried a turk vs saracens game in CBA, mamelukes can sure own janissaries and cavs.
      It would depend on the map you are playing, in arabia siege units can get killed easily or the paladins can easily get lured.

      as for elephants the same build with addition of monks and camels can kill them. Also try building walls in front of you, it will kill some of the elephants while they are trying to destroy your walls.

  17. I think that if the game has gone so far that the opponent has a combination of 50 jannisary and say 30 paladin than the opponent has become very strong. A normal multiplayer game does not last till the paladin upgrade. In any case Janisary are killed by skirmishers very easily, one to one and the janisary looses to skirmishers…as for paladin you will have to come up with pikeman….you may need a lot of them as some will be killed by janisaries and paladin are a bit difficult to kill….but that would do, the cheapest and the best method….scorpion and pikeman combo is good too but expensive….

  18. How 2 escape early attacks of bots having archers and eagle warriors..??

  19. […] Age of Empires II—-Game plan, Strategies and tips June 2007 18 comments 3 […]

  20. @ Kunal

    To escape, You cannot do much except maybe build a few cheap towers in prxoimity to your town center while garrisoning the villagers. You might as well attack their base with a few militia while diverting their attention since militia are easily killed by the ranged enemies..

    • You should be fast in upgrading your age, then when you are in the feudal age build walls about 2-3 lines. It will keep them in company for a while so you can make towers and troops to defend your base.

  21. Where are you guys seeing the time ?
    Says a pop of 26 in 10 minutes.
    Where is this time thingy ?
    I can’t find it …duh

    • f11

  22. Press F11 during the game to bring up the time passed playing the game which shows up on the top left corner of the screen.

  23. Thanks so much Prashanth !
    It was driving me crazy 🙂

  24. Does anyone know how is strategy for AI players in multiplayer game against humans? I play with friend and each time all computers attack me…we use 4 AI on normal difficulty with random map and random races. We played maybe 30 games and in all 30 games all 4 computers were on me…WHY? How AI decides whom to attack?

    • they come to their enemy with the most overal points so far, you are probably a better player then your friend

  25. What is the easiest way of defeating the mamluks of the saracens in a multiplayer game.

    • Mamelukes are camels so cavalry are no good. Try using infantry with archers. Divide your troops into two groups, the one in the front and the one in the back. Usually when they see someone is attacking in front, they try to lure it and move backwards.

    • just archers will do it.. trust me..

  26. like it 🙂
    can you tell me what is the best nation for BLACK FOREST ????

  27. @raihan- depends on how you use the civ. In black forest, the paths are narrow and troops can easily be ambushed. Celts and mongols are good there, celts has the ability to cut wood faster and a complete upgrade in it’s siege workshop. While Mongols can move their siege units faster. Blocking the way with several siege onagers, heavy scorpions, trebuchet and some army to defend them can give you a sure win. e.g pikemen to mix up with the paladins of your enemy, then use your onagers to attack the busy paladins. Also, siege onagers can cut through trees so you can make a different pah to ambush the enemy.

  28. have somebody won 1-8 hardest in oasis/arabia ??

    i just cant beat more than 5 hardest comp at a time.. :-/

    tried a lot :-/

    any tips?

  29. tnx dear
    applying your theory i improved a lot. but after crossing castle age, i cant hold the tempo. how can i build a large army? my fvrt civ is briton. should i switch to other civ????

  30. if my opponent is using 100 scorpian + paladin den wht is the best way to fyt????

  31. in a multiplayer game , one doesn’t get enough time to create 100 scorpions…..
    btw does anyone use spanish??
    it is my fav civilization and i would love to discuss about its strengths and weakness..

    • Why is spanish ur favourite civ? Just curious 🙂

    • vills rush (supremacy) at imperial and monk are good. goldsmith doesnot cost gold .imperal fast you will be strong .

  32. What is the best weapon against bomberd tower. if my enemy built a lot of bombard tower in BF i cant even enter. can any body help me??

  33. 4-5 tarbuchets are the best, guarded by the archers or pikeman, depending on the enemies army. though its slow but effective

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  35. Thanks Dude. Your article really helped me get better insight on the game 🙂

  36. Playing with 2-5 hardest AI players is quite easy if they are not on the same team. Because They tend to attack each other first before turn to you. The real hardest AI is if you put them as a team.
    However, in Black Forest, you can easily win against 7 AI hardest in a team by creating a very thick layers of wall to close every way to your town. Once you got to Imperial and have a strong defense, open one of the ways by deleting the walls so that the enemy stop attacking the rest of the walls.

  37. Hey, im playing my cousin over the holidays and he always kicks my a$$. Hes solid, im just wondering should i try to attack quick with weaker army, or wait back pile on the resources and risk a possible attack from him. Also in Black Forest i am trying to choose between Spanish and Teutons. Thanks

    • depends bombarded tower rush in teutons(free bomarded tower upgrade) and vills rush at imperial(supremacy)

  38. Excuse me, are these the strategies of hardest 1-1 player game?? I mean, I do more then these but I cannot defeat 1 on 5 hardest even. the enemy army is too much to content with. particularly in regicide I dont get it, I explore their map , they keep only 1 villager in stone mining but produce several castles!!! including huge enough army to penetrate me even in the castle age…(My amount of villagers per each age is pretty identical to yours, and I take 11 minutes to reach feudal, 27 minutes to reach castle and 35 minuts to reach the imperial age, my favourite civ, byzantines, turks)….. Is there any particular strategy to cope with several AL opponents in hardest mode????

  39. My best result in hardest difficulty, 2(one ally) on 6, and only once 1 on 5, …..

  40. Can anybody tell me a common/typical strategy for deathmatch. I’ve never played this type and a friend of mine has challenged me.
    I play Huns and i like to attack early., in the feudal age…
    Ok..let me add a few tips. I’ve found that a battalion of Mangudais/cav archers cannot stand upto a battalion of elite skirmishers!
    never care for expensive units unless you’re in for the long haul. AOE2 is mostly a “quantity over quality” world.
    2/3 battalions of pikes acompanied by archers/skirmishers..a battalion of knights with a good “sense of TIMING” 😉 is all it takes.
    ALWAYS build an army once you’ve reached the feudal age, no matter how you like to play the game.,..ok no more secrets 😉

  41. Dude, your strategy fails BIG TIME in multiplayer games played on voobly. They may work in GameRanger as they have NR Maps. Most AI can be defeated in the feudal age itself(barring the hardest level as it cheats.) If you wanna REALLY learn to play nicely, I suggest you play against better bots(IS machine is good) and watch the pros play

  42. Balian, your way of playing sure would work in voobly, but in GR you actually get the time to make a hefty Imperial Army and flushing or crushing are restricted(can’t be sure but most of the games do this)So Gr serves as online practice 😛

  43. i seriously found it very pathetic on how to click feudal in 9 mins mark with 24 villagers in my hand….i hav tried a lot with everything possible…Is der any1 who cn help me out…..

  44. Yea..i know. We played the match. He destroyed me, literally.. i also lost a thousand bucks 😀 . I Rushed, he Turtled. I failed the early invasion, he beat me real bad. I’d beat his ass everytime in “standard victory”, just that deathmatch was just not me. Anyway i’m slowly changing my game now. i don’t really care bout GR or voobly or whatever. We used to play through LAN over the weekend, with a few friends..i’m content with that.

  45. Is there any site we can connect online and play age of empires 2. I am playing regularly with my friend using a LAN. By the way Cateparacts with halberdiers will be a good combination. Even Cateparacts only can attack halberdiers. Only challenging combination will be camels with archers. You can face this successful, if you are managing the army properly.

    • try voobly

  46. I wna know which is the best land civilization for a post imperial game.
    And the one best against britons

    • The persians are by far the best civ to use against the britons. make elite war elephants with some hand cannoneers to back them up. nothing can take this army out.

      Another good civ for the britons is the goths. mass your elite huskarls at your barracks and you will destroy any archer civ.

  47. what is the fastest way to defeat your enemy?

    • The fastest way to beat your opponent is rushing them with early spearman or pikemen depending on what age or in. Mass those to give them some pressure. And make sure to focus your guys on there villagers. Also make sure your men don’t get slaughtered by there town center. And while there under pressure just keep advancing and you should beat them fairly quick.

      Another way is to rush into the feudal age and make watch towers by there base. Make sure to bring units with to rebuild the towers. And have enough resources.

      • dude spears/pikes/halbs would get owned easy by just villagers and archers if u want pro recs go to

  48. want aoe 2 LN game?
    join hamachi
    network: aoeplayer
    pass: 123
    but first, make sure u have a good connection.
    we playing 4v4 LN refix map
    gl hf

  49. Ergal

  50. I wonder if the author is even here anymore. Anyway, what if your playing as the Aztec or Mayan, would we spawn eagle warriors instead of knights?

  51. elite longbowmen….. elite longbowmen everywhere.

  52. what a poor strategy…how can you take so much time in this game. This strategy will only work with noobs. A pro can not be defeated with this strategy..Forget about winning, you cant even survive for 25 mins like this.

  53. plz give me tips to attack the opponent in 15 mins in multiplayer game…..

  54. plz give me tips to attack the opponent in 15 mins in multiplayer game…..

  55. you did not talk about picking up relics?????????????????????????…..they do play a vital role in gold resource!!!! … especially wen your army is based on cavalry units and creating infantry and archery units as back up units !!! I have noticed while playing with computer that it doesnt show more of an interest on relics as i easily pick 4 relics available anywhere in the map…. whereas while playing with my brother(multiplayer game) ,relics form the base of a battle between us……. why is that you haven’t really spoke about it ???? are relics less important in the context of the game ?????

    • dont worry about having a huge war over a relic, 3 extra villagers on gold will do just as good, while it is good to get relics they are not neccessary.
      what you should do is get your army- whatever you use, get into the centre of his base and kill his villagers, houses and production buildings, this will ruin his economy. you will win everytime if you destroy his economy( as i said villagers, houses and town centres are the main things to start killing) if your good enough to do this strategy you will flog him everytime!!!!!

  56. A very noob strategy any one can beat him

  57. best combination of units: two groups of elite janissary with 20 each with 8 monks… that is 20 elite janissary + 4 monks and another 20 elite janissary + 4 monks… put both the groups in stand ground stance and in box formation… whenever enemy units will come to attack monks will keep on healing theme from inside… and have the two groups protect each other… slow but lethal strategy in multiplayer… The two groups can survive direct assault from even a herd of 15+ frank paladins… have 6 bombard cannons to raise down buildings… TURKS RULE…

    • that’s a very poor strategy, just a few onagers will crush those groups. Adding hussars as separate groups and use them to intercept siege weapons will be real nice. You can also use bombard cannons, they will keep the onagers busy avoiding than attacking while you close in to them for lethal shots, and if they don’t move to avoid,,then bombard cannons will immediately crush them…

  58. how many trade carts shld i have???

    • if your markets are farther then u will get more gold but if the markets are nearer then you will need more carts.. generally target somewhere around 6 at the start and later on as all the gold miners or stone miners finish the job, kill those and take the count of trade carts near 12… and do the caravan upgrade,,,

  59. to reach castle age in less than 17 min.. most of my friends in my hostel reach in 16 min. and attack with knights or cav. arch around 20 min. how should i defend myself and counterattack them?

    • do not rush for feudal age, the key to go to castle age faster is to slow down for feudal… i know it sounds crazy but the thing is wait till you have a villager count of 22-25 and 600 food… of the 25 atleast 10-12 should be on farms or food collecting, only then u should press the feudal advance button… by the time your age change is complete u will be around 700 food again… if done properly target around 12 mins for feudal and then quickly make market and blacksmith and enjoy the castlehood… njoy…

  60. i use goths, chinese and turks.
    goth strategy i use is – advance to castle age-13mins, build 5 barraks by 20mins near enemy base (goth elite unit can be created at barraks) and rush with goth huskurl (huskurl is great against any arrow firing unit/building) so they demolishes castles and town centres extremely easily.

    chinese- get to castle age 12:30mins build elite archer from castle in pack of 30, tight formation- this works very well against any infantry or cavalry because cavalry and infantry cannot get between the units to attack all of them.

    turks are good for later attacks, when you can have 90 or so jassonaries and 15 bombard units (from seige workshop). jassonaries are great in a tight formation against any unit. obviously use bombard units for castles,towers and walls while jassonaries attack units.

  61. Thanks for you article Prashanth! Really helpful! I have 2 doubts though – (1). you mentioned that if rushed by AI in early game, lure it to the garrisoned Town center (TC) while villagers can keep gathering resources. If villagers keep gathering resources, what will I garrison the TC with? (2). What would be best against Ranged mounted units (Mangudai, Conquistadors) and ranged infantry (Jannisories)?


    • the answer to your questions are—
      1. The farmers will be usually nearer your town center so, whenever enemy rushes you and you ring the town bell, the farmers will likely be garrisoned. But the woodcutter, gold-stone miners will be further away and happily collecting resources…
      2. Use paladins, they are best… heavily armored and high attack points… use them in groups and not even the most heavily fire-power-packing ranged units such as elite janissary or elite conquistadors stand a chance… they will make mincemeat out of them…

    • and if you want a sleeker approach to fight ranged units, use elite skirmishers or elite long bowmen (fully upgraded) and take 20 of them in box formation with 4 or 5 monks… and have 10 paladins protecting the box (just in case)… watch in enjoyment as your archers wreak havoc on ranged enemies from even longer range… lol…

      • I already tried box formation a lot, I prefer to cover the box mostly with pikemen and encase a lot of longbowmen with monks in the core, often it’s great, virtually unstoppable, even elite skirmishers won’t stand a chance with the damage and range of fully upgraded elite longbowmen. Sometimes, I also create groups of those. But one time it really irritated me when I again invested in this strategy, and few units of enemy AI with mounted units and 1 onager amassed my troops!!!

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  63. Hey! Its a nice strategy…the question is … We should use monks nd heavy camels???….nd also should we take relics….nd wat are the stratefic locationd for bombard tower????

    • bombard towers are very stronh indeed to destroy it use britons longboman can easily destroy bt with chemistry reserch

  64. I have been playing my friend on age of empires 2 and he keeps beating me I am usually the Celts and he is usually the Japanese and I read through the article above. just wondering if there is a way that you can help me out more?


  65. The 2 issues I have with this strategy are:

    1. Unless you are using your archers against onagers or scorpions there is very little reason to spread them out. Keeping them spread will allow an enemy with even moderate experience to get cavalry in-between them and trash them. Stacking them in groups is much more effective as it only allows a couple enemy units to attack at once while all of yours are still able to attack.

    2. The use of onagers as a defensive unit within your city. In general this is not a good idea as they take alot of time to micromanage and keep an eye on. Even when you are micromanaging them u have pretty good chance of doing massive damage to your own buildings and units, and if they are left to their own devices for even a short period can completely devastate your walls and towers if the enemy gets a few fast cavalry units up next to them.

    Using them as a way to intercept and weaken enemy groups out in the field before they reach your walls is another matter. This can be very effective especially when using Mongols. Putting a few siege onagers inside or a tight box of cavalry archers can weaken or complete eliminate enemy attacks before they even reach you. My advice is to limit/avoid using onagers within range of your main army groups and your city as even just 1-2 secs of inattention or distraction can lead to some pretty devastating friendly fire.




  69. mongols…
    elite maguaday with the rams filled out with pikmen fully upgraded are the best combo

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  72. Well I’ve been playing aoe 2 since quite some time now and can defeat 2 hardest bots in regicide mode. But while playing with my friends the scenario is totally different…pls help me out by giving a really good strategy for the regicide mode….thnx!

  73. You’re so awesome! I don’t suppose I have read something like this before.
    So wonderful to find someone with some genuine thoughts on this topic.

    Really.. thanks for starting this up. This website is something that is required on
    the internet, someone with a little originality!

  74. Well, I always ruin the enemies town by paladins, elite teutonic knights, and trebuchets. The allies AI are passive and helpless. Regicide are the best. Crush the enemy castle by trebuchets and paladins will chase the king. Teutonic Knights help rushing another buildings. Build another town on those destroyed land. Spread armies and force another enemy. Then, victory will be ours.

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  82. This thread started 7 yrs ago, but still going. I bought this game many yrs ago but never installed it, until last week.

    Anyway I was usually getting CRUSHED in just normal mode so I decided to read some strategies. Everybody here brags about reaching Feudal age in 10-12 minutes. The computer players reach Feudal in 3-5 minutes and are at castle age by 9-13 minutes.

    By about 20 minutes they already have enormous (and powerful) navies and armies. Both overwhelm me and I don’t have a chance. After the 4th loss I started to suspect the Pentium i7 may be the problem. I installed the game on a 12+ year old computer and now it takes the computer about 11-13 minutes to reach Feudal age rather than under 5.

    So if you are struggling against the AI it may be that your computer is too fast. That is simply poor game programming as it should not matter how fast the computer runs.

    • The correct build order.
      Random Map , any difficulty.
      Two villagers build house, 1 on wood. Scout finds sheep brings them. Wood vill to sheep and 1 villager continues houses, all future vills on food. After 3 houses , build lumbercamp. And send 2 more villagers for wood. Send one to lure boar. Repeat with second boar. Build mill near deers(4villagers per deer). Line up 4-5 villagers to wood. Build house and shepherds begin to farm / collect forage. At 22population go Feudal.

  83. What is the best thing to do after defeating and killikg a king in 4 player regicide?

  84. What is the best way to deal with an enemy who has many monks who convert half your army away whenever you attack them?

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